Textest AG, 30 years of experience with testing instruments for quality control. We specialize in modern testing instruments for: air permeability, hydrostatic head, thread density (ends and pick count), tearing strength (Elmendorf method), residual moisture content, package hardness etc.

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Sonnenbergstrasse 72 , Schwerzenbach , CH-8603 Switzerland

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Textest AG has been manufacturing testing instruments since 1969. Our most important speciality is a family of Air Permeability Testers:

  • FX 3350 AIRBAG-TESTER* - Dynamic Air Permeability Tester
  • FX 3360 PORTAIR - NEW! Portable Air Permeability Tester for spot and profile measurements
  • FX 3386 PROFILAIR II - On-line Air Permeability Tester.

Other highlights are the unique automatic Hydrostatic Head Tester and the digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester:

  • FX 3000 HYDROTESTER III* - Automatic Hydrostatic Head Tester
  • FX 3750 ELMENDORF-TESTER* - Tearing Tester.

In addition, we offer the following, worldwide successful hand-held instruments:

  • FX 3250 PICK COUNTER* - Automatic Pick Counter
  • FX 3255 PICK COUNTER - Automatic Pick Counter
  • FX 3820 SAMPLE CUTTER - Circular Sample Cutter
  • L 5700   DUROMETER - Package Hardness Meter
  • L 5800   DRYMETER III - Moisture Meter

For evaluation of the test results of the instruments marked with an * are available:

  • L 5110   LABODATA III - Evaluation Program for PC
  • L 5130   MINIPRINT - Strip Printer

Users Of Our Instruments

Automotive industry, Chemical industry, Department store chains, Hospital laundries, Leather industry, Military/Police, Plastics industry, Testing laboratories, Textile industry (Dyeing, Finishing, Spinning, Weaving) Universities.


Airbag fabrics, Awnings, Barrier materials, Bedding, Coated fabrics, Dyeing cones, Fiberglass


Application Areas

 Airbag fabrics, Awnings, Barrier materials, Bedding, Coated fabrics, Dyeing cones, Fiberglass materials, Filter fabrics, Filter papers, Felts, Foam, Garment fabrics, Geotextiles, Leather, Nonwovens, Packaging films, Paper machine clothings, Parachute fabrics, Printing screens, Roofing materials, Shingles, Sinter metal filters, Sportswear fabrics, Tarpaulins / tenting, Vapor barriers, Warp beams, Wire mesh.