The Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences (AOIBS)

The Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences (AOIBS)

At Aperture Energetics our central concern is to provide practitioners with the clinical tools necessary to sustain successful, up-to-date healing art’s practices. To accomplish this we provide a range of professional products and services. From our hand-crafted natural-remedy line, Physica Energetics, to our educational offerings with the Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences (AOIBS) we are the GO-TO resource that practitioners count on. For the past 40+ years, Dr. Robert Cass has been dedicated to the continuing advancements in the field of BioEnergetic Medicine. His highly acclaimed natural remedy line and innovative events world-wide have grounded advances in this dynamic field with evidence-based strategies, clinical skills, and effective natural protocols.

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Dr. Cassfounded AOIBS to provide a central resource for forward thinking practitioners to expand their clinical experiences. AIOBS’educational opportunities help practitioners stay ahead of trends and advances in this fast growing field while, simultaneously, remaining true to the LEGACY from which this natural healing arts’ approach has emerged.  

All of our classes are focused in one core vision, The Legacy Continuum and one central mission, Healing for the Pattern of Life.

Department of EAV/EDS Studies

In 2011 our main emphasis is the rapidly expanding field of EAV/EDS.  We have created the Department of EAV/EDS Studies to provide an opportunity to study techniques, protocols, and clinical training in the Art and Science of EAV/EDS. 

From regional events to advanced training sessions, we offer classes at every level of expertise.  All AOIBS offerings are clinically-based, hands-on events.

The Department of EAV/EDS Studies supports all EAV/EDS capable instruments including: Avatar, BioMeridian, EDS2000, IQS, Asyra, Kindling, Computron, Vega, Vistron, Spectravision, ZYTO and more.  Interested practitioners or student audits are always welcome. Contact us to speak to one of our facility members. 


The AOIBSis an accreditedand board certified college.  Successful completion of various classes allows delegates to be eligible for continuing education credits and for certification as aHolistic Healthcare Practitioner, by theAmerican Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Qualified candidates may be eligible forcertification with theAmerican Alternative Medical Association.