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  • AniGARD - Animal Research Workstations

    As the pioneer and leading innovator of air containment, contamination control and precision cell culture products, Baker doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to protecting you or your research. Our high-performance laboratory equipment is built with you in mind, with industry-leading ergonomics, energy-efficient engineering, and the lowest life cycle costs available. Baker products help you work more comfortably, boost productivity, save money and minimize environmental impact.

  • AniGARD - Model e3 - Animal Transfer Station

    AniGARD - Model e3 - Animal Transfer Station

    The AniGARD e3 combines improved containment and enhanced ergonomics with lower energy requirements to provide you with unrivalled performance and protection. The AniGARD e3 provides ISO Class 4 (Class 10) air cleanliness, and is designed to protect animals from contaminants and reduce user exposure to allergens.

  • AniGARD - Model VF - Animal Transfer Station Clean Bench (Vertical Flow)

    AniGARD - Model VF - Animal Transfer Station Clean Bench (Vertical Flow)

    The AniGARD VF Animal Transfer Station is a single-sided vertical flow clean bench with spacious access for cage changing and protocols where both animal protection and particulate control is required. This ergonomically engineered cabinet features an optional adjustable work surface and slanted viewscreen for increased worker comfort.