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The FCC Group

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  • Environmental Services

  • Waste Collection

    Waste Collection

    Over 100 million people in more than 5,000 municipalities around the world benefit from the services we provide. Employing the most advanced technologies we continuously improve our ability to manage the thousands of tonnes of solid waste collected every day in some of the world’s most important cities. More than 25 million tonnes of refuse are collected per year. We employ a variety of collection systems according to each city’s needs,...

  • Street Cleaning

    Street Cleaning

    Over 100 years of experience has taught us what factors most impact a community’s quality of life, what 13 million men and women require to enjoy their towns and cities. For that reason we make every effort to keep the streets, plazas and avenues of thousands of towns and cities as clean as possible. It’s also why invest in the development of real-world solutions such as clean-energy vehicles that can move through city centres with a...

  • Solid Waste Treatment

    Solid Waste Treatment

    FCC has over 100 centres that handle 7 million tonnes of solid urban waste per year. This waste is treated using processes such as heat, composting, biomethanisation, recycling, incineration, and use of controlled landfills and tips.

  • Maintenance of Green Areas

    Maintenance of Green Areas

    We have extensive professional experience in creating, conserving and restoring green spaces and historic gardens. We operate in more than 50 towns in diferent european countries. FCC's work in maintaining green areas has been recognised with numerous, prestigious awards.

  • Sewage Network Maintenance

    Sewage Network Maintenance

    More than 100 years' experience and the continuous introduction of environmental and technological improvements have made us a pioneering and leading company in this sector. Most of our sewerage network maintenance services are provided by FCC Environment.