The Mahfood Group LLC

The Mahfood Group LLC

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  • Industrial Property Re-Use

    Industrial Property Re-Use

    Assist in due diligence. Identify and assist various stake holders. Conceptual design planning for property future use. Assessment of the magnitude and extent of environmental impacts. Implement health risk based closure. Remediation oversight. Building decommissioning/demolition design.

  • Remediation Design and Oversight

    Remediation Design and Oversight

    Agency negotiations. Feasibility analysis and alternative evaluation. Bid specification development. Bid analysis and procurement. Project oversight for conformance to remediation specifications.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Program design. Project oversight. Budget analysis. Schedule tracking. Agency negotiations. General services and contractor procurement.

  • Data Validation

    Data Validation

    Laboratory interaction. Data analysis for use in health risk based closure.

  • Analytical Chemistry

    Analytical Chemistry

    Program design. Laboratory interaction and procurement. Methodology selection for site specific conditions and data needs.

  • Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

    Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

    Conceptual model design. Site use evaluations. Receptor and pathway analysis. Data evaluation and comparative screening. Development of exposure matrix models. Dose-response modeling. Toxicological review and assessment. Quantitative risk evaluations. Development of risk based goals.