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  • Medical Waste Sterilizers

  • Mark-Costello - Model AS-Series - Medical Waste Disposal Systems

    Mark-Costello - Model AS-Series - Medical Waste Disposal Systems

    The Mark-Costello Co. Sterilizers use the basic principle of high temperature steam under pressure in an enclosed fully automatic steam retort. The sterilizer comes completely assembled and ready for simple final connections. All chamber vessels are built in accordance with requirements of the ASME Pressure Vessel Code. All Mark-Costello Co Sterilizers are equipped with multiple safety features necessary when operating pressure vessels. The...

  • Mark-Costello - Medical Waste Autoclaves

    Mark-Costello - Medical Waste Autoclaves

    The Mark-Costello has been building high pressure medical waste autoclave sterilizers since 1973 (40 years). We have been providing quality autoclaves to hospitals, commercial medical waste processors, flight kitchens and agricultural companies with to date over 600 units sold. Safe and economical treatment, processing and disposal of bio hazardous waste is an issue, not only in the United States, but around the world. Autoclaving is a better and more...

  • Mark-Costello - Medical Waste Grinder Shredder

    Mark-Costello - Medical Waste Grinder Shredder

    The Mark-Costello Company designs and manufactures the most complete range of medical waste processing and hospital waste sterilization equipment in the world today. We also incorporate world class components into our systems and in the case of shredding and grinding medical waste, we have the best grinder shredded available manufactured by Vecoplan. Vecoplan was founded in 1969 in Bad Marienberg, Germany, as a manufacturer of high quality wood...