The McIlvaine Company

The McIlvaine Company

We are a market research company with more engineers and scientists than MBA`s, a publishing company which doesn`t accept advertising, a consulting company which doesn`t provide conventional services. But in one sentence: we are a knowledge bridge between supplier and end user. Each of our specialists concentrates on a niche and then uses this knowledge to assist suppliers in understanding customer needs, help end users understand the products and technologies currently available, and help investors evaluate stock values.

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191 Waukegan Road, Suite 208 , Nothfield , IL 60093 USA
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Publishing company
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Publishing / Media / Marketing
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The Mcilvaine Company was founded in 1974 by the current President, Robert Mcilvaine. His experience as an executive in the foundry, power and pollution control industries led him to the conclusion that the world needed much more robust knowledge services. The first publications were loose leaf continually updated manuals which were thousands of pages in length and provided much needed knowledge on pollution control subjects.  Over the years it was recognised that the four knowledge needs are Alerts, Answers, Analysis and Advancement. As a result, the manuals were supplemented by newsletters, article abstracts and library support. Consulting support provides the needed analysis.

Due to interest from the supplier community Mcilvaine expanded into market reports and sales lead tracking. It also expanded into other areas such as energy and contamination control. Presently all services are electronic and include daily, weekly or monthly updates. Hundreds of specific services are available. The digital services are supplemented by streaming media recordings of webinars and decision tree systems with lots of power point displays.

The company employs 35 people.  Most are located in the Northfield, IL office but several are in other locations including California and China. Many employees have more than 10 years experience with the company and several have more than 25 years. Marilyn Mcilvaine, executive vice president joined the company in 1978 subsequent to civil engineering employment.  Some of the newer hires have many years of experience in pollution control refining and other industries. Educational experience includes several types of engineering degrees, science, MBA, law, and liberal arts.  Ross Ardell, Administrative Vice President has more than 20 years with the company and an aeronautical background.

The company also employs part time consultants with specific industry experience. It is recognised that the world’s knowledge resides in niches and that it is desirable to maximize the contribution of niche experts. Some of this expertise is industry oriented.  Some is product oriented and some is geographically and linguistically oriented.

What does the McIlvaine company do? There isn't a short answer because we are unique. We are a market research company with more engineers and scientists than MBA's; a publishing company which doesn't accept advertising; a consulting company which doesn't provide conventional services. But in one sentence: we are a knowledge bridge between supplier and end user. Each of our specialists concentrates on a niche and then uses this knowledge to assist suppliers in understanding customer needs, help end users understand the products and technologies currently available, and help investors evaluate stock values.

The Northfield home office staff of 35 people includes engineers, scientists and market researchers. The company has had an international focus since it first exhibited abroad in 1975 at the filtration exhibition in London followed months later with ACHEMA in Frankfurt. McIlvaine has over the years been an exhibitor and participated in hundreds of conferences in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

McIlvaine subscribes to magazines in six different languages and routinely gathers proceedings and other information to create one, if not the largest library in the world on environment, energy and contamination control. More than 100,000 hours have been spent to organize and index information for instant retrieval.

Clients include:

  • Large companies such as GE and small companies with only a few people; 
  • Leaders in semiconductors such as IBM and Intel; 
  • The major chemical companies such as DuPont and Dow; 
  • Large power plant operators such as Southern and Reliant; 
  • Textile producers such as BBA and Kimberly Clark; 
  • Water treatment suppliers such as Vivendi and Suez; 
  • Air pollution control equipment companies such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hamon; 
  • Power plant equipment suppliers such as Siemens and Babocock Borsig; 
  • Engineers such as URS, Bechtel, and Washington Group; 
  • Investment banks such as CSFB and Smith Barney; 
  • Consultants such as Boston Group and McKenzie; 
  • Government agencies including DOE, EPA, Environment Canada, France, UK etc.; 
  • And many other end users, suppliers, and investors in the air, water, energy, and contamination control fields.


Come to McIlvaine for:

Technical and Market Information: McIlvaine serves end users, suppliers and investors. The advantages of combining these services in one provider are addressed in Integrated Approach to Sales and Marketing. An example is a project recently conducted for a large power company. McIlvaine provided this utility with an analysis of costs for NOx control using catalyst. This same data is utilized in the market report for suppliers projecting catalyst and system revenue opportunities. This revenue potential in turn is equally valuable to investors in the supplier company. McIlvaine analyzes new product potential for suppliers . McIlvaine evaluated a multi-metals emission analyzer for the supplier who was developing it. The information gathered in this study was later useful in advising end users on the status and ultimate course of continuous emissions monitoring of toxic metals.

Market reports: McIlvaine publishes 20 multi-client market reports which are continually updated on line. Each of these reports is many thousand pages in length. But because of the user friendly on line design, the reader can easily view or download just the information he seeks. The accuracy of these reports is enhanced by the continual updating but also by the quadruple iteration of forecasts. As shown in the chart below the forecasts are separately determined through individual company purchases, supplier sales, industry purchases, and national purchases. More detail on this approach is found in Market Research from an Art to a Science.

Knowledge Systems: Newsletters, Fact Finder (abstracts), and networking directories on line provide complete knowledge systems in various segments of the air, water, energy, and contamination control sectors. McIlvaine editors are specialists in narrow niches and are able to provide comprehensive and current information which is unavailable elsewhere. Structured keyword systems allow instant identification of needed information. Each system serves the four knowledge needs: Alerts, Answers, Analysis, and Advancement. The newsletters alert the reader to new developments. The Fact Finder provides the answers to the questions generated by the alert. Expert consultants are also available to provide supplemental analysis if needed. The whole system is an ideal training tool (advancement).

Sales Leads: McIlvaine provides a much more effective way to sell products and services by integrating plant, project, and contact information. Unique aspects of databases include identification of the unit processes within the plant and case histories about some of these processes. Contact information includes papers authored by the individual, conferences attended, and interest area. This is invaluable in determining the key decision makers for specific products and services. The approach is explained in Integrating Plant, Project, and Contact Information. The way this data can be utilized in a comprehensive marketing program is described in Proactive Marketing.

Custom Research: Consulting is available on an hourly or project basis. McIlvaine serves end users with analyses of products, recommended solutions to problems (e.g. violations of environmental law) and patent evaluation (e.g. Ford and Procter & Gamble have both used McIlvaine to help determine value of patents). Research for suppliers includes market forecasting, product evaluation, litigation support, and development of marketing strategies. Research for investment banks and investors includes specific evaluation of companies. McIlvaine has been an advisor to many companies in this area starting with Brown Boveri prior to its merger with Asea (now ABB) and including GE, Duke Street Capital, Lehman Bros, and CSFB.

Most weeks starting at 10:00 a.m. Central time there will be an hour long web meeting on important air pollution control subjects. The meeting is free for subscribers to either Power Plant Air Quality Decisions or Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking System. The cost is $125.00 for non-subscribers.

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