The Society of Environmental Engineers (SEE)

The Society of Environmental Engineers (SEE) is a professional Society that exists to promote awareness of the discipline of environmental engineering, and to provide members of the Society with information, training and representation within this field. As a nationally and internationally recognised professional Society, with a very active membership, the SEE promotes communication and good practice including quality, reliability, and cost effective product development and manufacture. All members can contribute to this activity, and can benefit from increased knowledge which will enhance the work with which they are involved.

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The Society is a Charity and as such the trustees’ annual report must include: (i) a report in the examined annual accounts, of the activities undertaken by a charity to further its charitable purposes for the public benefit and (ii) a statement by the charity trustees as to whether they have considered the Charity Commission’s guidance on public benefit. The Society Trustees, in studying the Charity Commission’s guidelines, consider that the objects of The Society align directly with the public benefit requirements whilst at the same time providing members with, among other things, opportunities to support their engineering careers, obtain registration as Professional Engineers and have their CPD monitored as well as being able to use a forum for technical interchange (e.g. virtual groups). All of these activities are vital to the development of individual engineers and add to the total skill base and commitment of the members for the public good.

Environmental engineering is concerned with the measurement, modelling, control and simulation of all types of environment. It is an interdisciplinary subject, bringing together aspects of mechanical, electrical, electronic, aeronautical, civil, energy and chemical engineering. It also draws from the fields of physics, acoustics, metallurgy, microbiology, pharmacy and many other technical and scientific disciplines.

The Society also embraces, through its publications and support of awards, newer environmental disciplines such as land reclamation, ecology, waste management, energy generation, biomedical engineering etc. The following links illustrate some of this work that is supported by The Society.

The Society Of Environmental Engineers helps the engineering community develop the skills and solutions to overcome testing and development challenges.

Founded in 1959, The SEE is a Charity and as a professional organisation enables collaboration, knowledge sharing and skill development amongst engineers and technical staff across all environmental engineering disciplines and sectors. The Society works to serve the needs of its members and to promote the relevance of environmental engineering-related technologies to governments, industry and the community in general.

It is important that all members and stakeholders are aware of what the Society Of Environmental Engineers and its members stand for.

The SEE aims to be the essential resource for engineers and other technical professionals in all aspects of environmental engineering.

The SEE’s mission is to serve its members and partners by offering a focus for the advancement of environmental engineering science. The SEE believes that its vision can be achieved through a series of concurrent missions, focusing on specific aspects of the profession and industry. These missions are:

  • To provide value and representation for the environmental engineering profession in the UK.
  • To provide opportunities for further education and self-improvement of members.
  • To provide leadership in the development, planning and dissemination of environmental engineering technology.
  • To be the focal point of all national and international information on environmental engineering and related technologies and be capable of disseminating it promptly and efficiently.
  • To provide opportunities for our members to be informed of changes in environmental engineering technology.
  • To assist members to develop their network of contacts within the UK industry and internationally.
  • To be recognised both nationally and internationally as a leading professional Society.


  • The SEE adheres to these core values.
  • We value the professionalism of our members and of their industry sectors.
  • We believe in personal growth and continuous professional development for our members.
  • We always act with integrity and require the same of our members.
  • We respect and value the expertise of all of our members.
  • We are looking to grow and strengthen the UK’s environmental engineering talent base.
  • We believe in the capability of the UK’s environmental engineering base.
  • We strive for excellence at all levels of our membership.

The SEE was founded in 1959, as a forum for sharing knowledge in the field of Environmental Engineering.

Since then, the Society has grown and developed as a focus for activities at local, national and international levels.

The membership is as wide-ranging as the subject itself; members come from areas of business and academia, and from all levels within their organisations.

The Society is run by its members, together with a full-time professional Secretariat providing co-ordination and administrative support.