The TEAMS Group, LLC

The TEAMS Group, LLC

The TEAMS (Total Energy and Management Solutions) Group, LLC is a core business sustainability & professional services firm. Since 1999, we have provided consistent, quality services, expertise and technical support staff to private and public sector businesses--domestic and international. Our depth of expertise, our values and performance on the job have earned us the dubious distinction as “the premier business sustainability group”. Having worked on both the owner`s and contractor`s side of the business, we understand the increasingly complex and challenging environment businesses work in, each and every day. That level of impact requires qualified, objective expertise to help you successfully plan and run your business. By choosing us, customers get the best qualified business sustainability professionals and technical support staff, backed by our Business Sustainability Model© and our commitment to being a life-support service for our Clients.

Company details

815-A Brazos St. #60 , Austin , Texas 78701 USA

Locations Served

Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Energy Consulting and Engineering
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Private Sector:

  • bullet Fortune 100 company & subsidiaries (150K employees) – Re-engineered all companies (worldwide), sold assets, merged & consolidated all business units, decertified union (IAM). Savings exceeded $1B.
  • bullet Fortune 100 company (50K employees) – Re-engineered business units (domestic and international), directed mergers, acquisitions & consolidations, rightsizing, early retirement programs, plant closures, successfully prevented take-over attempts by terminating over-funded defined benefit plan & installed defined contribution plan – Total savings exceeded $3.6B.

Public Sector:

  • bullet Several top 5 Cities in the U.S. (20K- 40K employees) – Developed private sector initiatives, revitalization programs, directed mergers, rightsizing and consolidations of key business units, master plan development and implementation, In the 1980s, directed the 1st nationwide managed competition program in the US, the 1st Short-term (real-time) Planning Program, & the 1st Activity-Based Management (ABM) Program by a major U.S. City. Increased annual revenue by 20%, reduced operating expenses by 40%.– with No Layoffs.
  • bullet Successfully worked with several federal agencies, including: FBI, Secret Service, Justice Department, EPA, GSA & other agencies regarding the Stimulus Program.


  • bullet Successfully developed new programs, including: systems implementations for large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other software vendors, energy performance contracting with Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), Tax Increment Financing (TIFs), Impact Fees, Developer Fees, Bond Programs and Arbitrage Funding.
  • bullet Several top 5 Counties in the U. S. (20K – 60K employees) – Consolidated 26 Departments into 9. Reduced operating expenses by 38%. Directed a $1B Capital Improvement Plan.


  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) on E-Rate funding and reporting.
  • Numerous financial and operational performance audits.

We hold the following values as core to our business and personal success:

  • Integrity - Do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do.
  • Customer Focus - Provide service that keeps them coming back.
  • Accountability - No excuses and only promise what we can deliver.
  • Teamwork - First things first collaborate for our common good.
  • Trust - in character and competence.
  • Simplify - Keep things simple and let common sense prevail.

Our Vision and Philosophy

Success in today's intensely competitive and rapidly changing business climate depends on careful planning and timely execution for operational effectiveness. The TEAMS Group, LLC is a progressive management consulting firm, destined to be a leader in its field. Each prospective new project calls for extensive information gathering, careful attention to detail, and experienced personnel, to insure we customize the solution to the particular client requirements. The same rules must also apply to those organizations seeking our services.

Organizations, both private and public, typically cannot withstand frequent changes and adaptations and function efficiently. At some point, every organization must look for a better solution. Having the resources available will not guarantee success in these endeavors. Rapid, effective and timely deployment of mission critical resources is the key to business success. The TEAMS Group is dedicated to assisting organizations in deploying their mission critical resources.

The most valid information about management development is evolutionary. The tactics that were effective decades ago are now obsolete. This is not new in the workplace, as we develop new technologies, not only to work, but to communicate with. Many organizations are at the mercy of change. The TEAMS Group can assist organizations in dealing with these changes, as well as prepare them for the next millennium.