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Since more than 50 years the name of Theodor Friedrichs has been developed to a synonym of precision instruments for professional meteorology and environmental monitoring. Grown up from a craftsmanshop in Hamburg-Niendorf today`s company is a modern production and development plant, located in Schenefeld – in the suburban area of Hamburg – employing a team of highly qualified specialists. The major part of our product line is manufactured respectively developed in our own works. Having collected enough of know-how we are as well busy in projecting and designing complete measuring systems upon customer`s request. These measuring systems can be installed and set into operation worldwide by our qualified engineers and technicians. All maintenance works on sensors and systems can be carried out at side or in our laboratory. Additionally sensors can be calibrated in calibration laboratory.

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Borgfelde 6 , Schenefeld , D-22869 Germany

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Monitoring and Testing - Meteorological Monitoring
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Internationally (various countries)
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The Company „Theodor Friedrichs & Co. Meteorologische Geräte und Systeme GmbH, founded in 1953, is an economically independent enterprise, manufacturing meteorological sensors and systems.

Located in Schenefeld near Hamburg, one of our core competences is to work out customer-focused solutions commonly based on our Data logger COMBILOG, to realize sophisticated applications that fulfill the demands of our customers world-wide.

Our strategic development is an ongoing process. Arising from an almost vertically integrated manufacturer, Theodor Friedrichs & Co. evolved to a specialized strategic network organization.

Since 1994 Theodor Friedrichs & Co. is an ISO 9001 certified company, operating a permanently improving quality management system, which is KTA approved and certified as well. The constant positive feedback from our customers reinforces us to keep this tradition of high quality- policy.

Theodor Friedrichs & Co. is an authorized training company for technical, industrial and commercial apprentices, accredited by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Kiel and the Chamber of Crafts Lübeck to educate young people according to their legal and substantial demands within the dual- education- system. The responsible authorities honor Theodor Friedrichs & Co. frequently for the “continuous high performance and commendable commitment”.

As member of HMEI (Association of Hydro- Meteorological Equipment Industry), we are linked to the most important manufacturers and stakeholders for Meteorology worldwide. Furthermore, Theodor Friedrichs & Co. is on board with the “Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft (DMG)”.

Our business focuses on two main areas: Producing and trading in meteorological sensors and systems, and manufacturing of test equipment and complete laboratories for the calibration of meteorological instruments and sensors.

As we are since many years conversant with professional meteorological requirements, we attach great importance to the quality and accuracy of our products. To provide highest flexibility for our customers choosing the best and sensors for the respective application and measuring campaign, we did develop our own Data Acquisition System COMBILOG.

Since the development of the first data loggers, more than two decades ago, the COMBILOG is respected as a synonym for accuracy and ease of use, and found great success in the market, appointed e. g. by international Weather services and industrial users worldwide as the standard for data acquisition.

Technical accuracy combined with the focus on operator convenience, have been the main reasons to be considered as the world’s leading supplier of complete meteorological calibration laboratories. Some customers like Weather Services or Institutes do operate their test equipment since more than 25 years, which underlines the outstanding quality and even more the durability of our products.

Complementary to our two main business areas, we develop the required software for the data evaluation and the automated operation of the calibration chambers, as well. Furthermore we offer installation, training and technical support for our equipment worldwide.

We always guarantee a professional high level development and manufacturing of our products. For this purpose we operate our own calibration laboratory to enable us additionally to test instruments and sensors within our quality assurance regulations and as a service for our customers.

We manufacture our products with latest state-of-the-art-technology, using modern computerized machines and devices. The assembly of the sophisticated components is accomplished by well- educated and skilled employees.

Our aim is to satisfy all our customers permanently by ensuring steadily high quality and flexibility.