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Therm-Tec Inc.

Therm-Tec, Inc. Specializes in Designing, Engineering and Manufacturing State-Of-The-Art Equipment for Human Cremators and Animal Cremators, General Waste Incinerators, Medical Waste Incinerators, Cremation Equipment, Pet Cremation Equipment and Marine Incinerators. All Designed, Engineered and Manufactured by Therm Tec Inc. Therm-Tec`s units are installed in many locations including every state in the continental United States as well as Alaska, Hawaii, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Canada, India, Russia, Japan, Phillipines, Taiwan and other Asian Countries plus several South Pacific Islands.

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20525 SW Cipole Road , Sherwood , OR 97140 USA

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)

Privately held corporation owned and operated by the same principles that formed and established the company in 1973. Corporate structure: 'C'. The only incinerator company in the U.S. owned and operated by the same principals since the company was formed. Therm-Tec has manufactured and installed over 2000 incinerators and crematories of various sizes and applications, which include Medical Waste Incinerators, General Waste Incinerators, Municipal Waste Incinerators, Shipboard Marine Incinerators, Human Crematories, Large Animal Crematories, Pet Crematories and Custom Specialized Incineration Equipment. Units have been installed in 16 foreign countries.

Manufacturing – 35,000 Sq. Ft. (New facility constructed in 1989 by owners of Therm-Tec, Inc.)  Offices: 6,000 Sq. Ft. (International and Corporate Headquarters) Located in Sherwood, a suburb of Portland, Oregon about 12 miles south from Portland city center. Approximately 30 minutes from Portland International Airport by freeway. (205 Freeway to I-5 Freeway)

All products sold by Therm Tec, Inc. are manufactured at the facility: Incinerators, Thermal Oxidizer Systems, Crematories, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Fabric Filters, Scrubbers, Hydraulic Systems, Computer Control Systems, Electrical Control Panels (U.L. Listed 508A Panel Shop) and Data Acquisition Programs, Casting and Forming of all Refractories, Welding and Pattern Cutting. Shop equipped with:  CNC Laser Cutting System, Metal Rolls, Metal Shear, Iron Worker, Press Break, Pattern Cutting System, Welding and Full Shop Tools for fabrication of the Therm-Tec products. No outside contractors or sub-fab shops are used in the manufacture of Therm-Tec’s products.

Design / Mechanical / Combustion Engineers on staff. The latest 'AutoCad' software used in the design and engineering of the Therm-Tec products. We link to EPA and other agencies via internet for consistent update information.

Therm-Tec is a UL508A manufacturer of Industrial Contol Panels (E181156).  All control panels and programming is designed, engineered and constructed by Therm-Tec in-house .

Engineering and technical support is part of Therm-Tec’s mission to service our clients. Startup and training is available from our factory technicians and our trained representatives. In some cases equipment is linked directly by modem to the factory for immediate ON LINE help. A centralized computer data system contains ALL parts used in the manufacture of  Therm-Tec’s equipment and maintains a record of every project that has been manufactured. A large parts inventory is maintained at the factory for immediate response to client's requirements.

Sales representative firms are located in: Alaska; Washington; Colorado; Texas; Kansas; Minnesota; Illinois; Louisiana; Florida; Alberta, Canada; Vancouver BC, Canada; Thailand; Philippines; Hong Kong; Korea; Mainland China; Taiwan; Guam; Singapore; South America; and Australia.

Therm-Tec, Inc. is proud of its reputation as one of America's oldest and most technologically advanced designers, engineers and manufacturers of Special-Use Incinerators, Crematories, Heat Recovery Systems and Air Pollution Control Equipment. Therm-Tec's technology in each of these areas is designed to provide the most environmentally safe and practical solution to the needs at hand.
Therm-Tec is perhaps best known in its role as a premier producer of Medical Waste Incineration Systems which in many cases are employed on a large-scale regional basis in major metropolitan areas of the United States. The company is one of only a very few in the nation specializing in the manufacture of such incineration-based disposal devices.
In addition to this role in the medical field, however, Therm-Tec also enjoys a leading reputation in the production of 10 other categories of disposal, recovery or pollution control devices based on incinerator combustion technologies, including Mobile Soil Remediation equipment. With their background in research and development, manufacturing, and servicing, Therm-Tec's owners and staff are among the most experienced people in the United States dealing with High-Tech Combustion Equipment.
Because its equipment is in use throughout the United States as well as internationally, Therm-Tec has designed its various systems to meet stringent and frequently updated state and federal air pollution control standards as well as international standards.
An Oregon-owned and Oregon-headquartered company since its establishment in 1973, Therm-Tec has enjoyed continuous growth throughout its history. As new technologies have emerged for incineration-related equipment and as the world has embraced new environmental sensitivities, Therm-Tec has continually refined its products to remain on the leading edge of waste disposal and the other technologies in which it specializes.
In doing so and in attracting increasingly widespread interest in its innovative products, the company has outgrown its original quarters three times. Therm-Tec's administrative offices and manufacturing operations now are located in a 41,000 square-foot facility in the Sherwood area of Washington County, 12 miles south of Portland, Oregon.
Therm-Tec is unique, ownership-wise, among companies in its field. It is the only company designing, engineering and manufacturing incineration equipment that can boast of continuous ownership by the same principals.
Therm-Tec's co-founders and co-owners are Dean Robbins and Gary Thorn, both of whom brought many years of prior incineration technology experience to their Therm-Tec venture. Their continuous collaboration at a time when many competitors have changed hands several times or have gone out of business has enabled Therm-Tec's owners to build together on their knowledge base for over three decades. They are thus able to respond with maximum efficiency, timeliness and innovation to the marketplace's constantly changing needs in environmental technology.
Leaders in Medical Waste Disposal
For nearly all of its  history, Therm-Tec has specialized in creating state-of-the-art systems for medical waste disposal by incineration. The company has placed more than 1,500 units, ranging in capacity from 400 pounds per day to 70,000 pounds per day. Its Medical Waste Incinerators are in use in nearly every state in the continental United States as well as Alaska and Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, India, Taiwan, Philippines and several South Pacific islands.
Clients range from medical clinics and hospitals, which use the technology on-site, to local governments and private concerns, which operate larger incinerators to serve as regional disposal sites. Examples of regional operations include units serving the major metropolitan areas of Phoenix, Arizona; Oakland and Sacramento, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio.
In the case of the Cleveland and Cincinnati facilities,Therm-Tec was both manufacturer and operator of the technology. In 1985, Therm-Tec's principals formed an additional company, Therm-Tec Destruction Service of Ohio, to help fulfill developing needs for the controlled disposal of medical waste on a regional basis. The use of its state-of-the-art technology on a centralized, economical and environmentally sensitive basis enabled Therm-Tec to replace on one site the technology formerly provided at 35 Ohio locations. The facilities at many of those locations were environmentally outdated.
In the facilities which it directly operated, Therm-Tec not only disposed of the medical waste in its own incinerators, but also had refined its own systems for containerizing the waste at its place of origin and transporting it to the incinerator. These systems have operated accident-free and fully permitted.
Because of its unique experience as both manufacturer and operator of all phases of this technology, Therm-Tec has been able to continually refine the process, to the benefit of both its own operations and those of its independent clients.
The Environmentally Best Alternative
Americans generate more garbage per capita than any other nation. We have now reached the point where landfill space has either become seriously depleted or is not environmentally acceptable, or both. The most environmentally sound solution is to recycle our waste where possible, incinerate as much of the remaining waste stream as feasible, especially environmentally sensitive materials, and then dispose of the remainder, that which cannot be disposed of in the above ways, in a landfill.
Medical waste disposal lends itself ideally to incineration. This notion has been long recognized within the medical and disposal communities as the most environmentally sound disposal method.
Medical waste not safely destroyed by the kind of technology Therm-Tec provides could be sent illegally and un-safely to landfills or would continue to be burned in hospital-based and other incinerators that unlike Therm-Tec's don't meet the rigid new E.P.A. medical waste disposal standards.
Part of the Solution
Therm-Tec's staff and management consider themselves part of the solution to the nation's environmental crisis. The only realistic, economical and environmentally safe solution for medical waste disposal in the 2000's and beyond is the use of the kind of systems Therm Tec is known for - systems that are high-tech, computer controlled and state-of-the-art. Therm-Tec plans to continually refine its efforts to deliver environmental solutions -- solutions that employ the latest and best technology.