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  • Thermo Fisher Scientific - Air Quality Monitoring: Ambient Particulate Analyzers

    Meets EPA reference Method for PM10 and PM2.5 sampling of airborne particulate monitoring.

  • Model FH 62 C14 - Continuous Particulate Monitor

    Model FH 62 C14 - Continuous Particulate Monitor

    Advanced FH62 systems provide continuous automatic, real-time ambinet particulate measurement and are ideal for air quality measurement and for air quality networks. They can be configured for TSP, PM10, and PM2.5 sampling. Extremely accurate and insensitive to vibration, they are the only beta gauges with a truely continuous 60-minute to 24-hour sampling cycle and no stepwise response. U.S. EPA Designated Method EQPM-1102-150.

  • Model 5012 - Multi Angle Absorption Photometer

    Model 5012 - Multi Angle Absorption Photometer

    The Model 5012 MAAP measures the aerosol-related absorption of light and the corresponding atmospheric black carbon mass concentration. Continuous data is provided by a multiple detector setup to simultaneously measure the transmitted and the scattered light from a particle-loaded filter. Typical applications include determining ambient elemental carbon for health-related effects and aerosol light absorption for visibility monitoring (regional haze)...

  • Model 2000 - Partisol FRM

    Model 2000 - Partisol FRM

    The Partisol-FRM Model 2000 Air Sampler is USEPA reference method designated for both PM-2.5 and PM-10. It is the proven manual sampling platform for the USEPA PM-2.5 standard. It is based upon the original Partisol Air Sampler, which received the USEPA reference designation for PM-10 measurements in June 1994.

  • Thermo - PM10/PM2.5 Dichotomous Air Sampler

    Thermo - PM10/PM2.5 Dichotomous Air Sampler

    The manual dichotomous sampler is used for routine compliance montoring for PM10 and PM2.5. The Dichotomous sampler operates at a flow rate of 1 CHM (16.7 LPM) and is available with built-in mechanical 6-day or 7-day times, or an electronic digital programmable timer.