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  • Solar Drying of Sewage Sludge Small Plant

  • StorageDryer - Small Sewage Sludge Drying Plants

    StorageDryer - Small Sewage Sludge Drying Plants

    The StorageDryer™ combines the fully automatic drying and the storage of sludge in one plant. The fully automatic, year-round loading and the necessity to unload the plant only once a year offer maximum operating reliability for minimum work effort.  The StorageDryer™ - a clever solution for plants between 1 000 and 30 000 PE.  for smaller communities, the solar StorageDryer™ is the easiest, lowest priced and...

  • Solar-Thermal Drying of Sewage Sludge Medium Size Plants

  • Electric Mole - Solar Drying Sewage Sludge Plant

    Electric Mole - Solar Drying Sewage Sludge Plant

    Drying with theElectric Moleis a batch or semi-continuous process that always ensures optimal drying performance, independent of sludge characteristics, weather conditions and energy input.

  • SludgeManager - Solar-Thermal Sludge Drying Plants

    SludgeManager - Solar-Thermal Sludge Drying Plants

    The SludgeManager combines the good points of the proven Electric Mole™, such as robustness, ease of maintenance and stainless-steel construction, with the advantages of fully automated operation. It has been developed jointly by Thermo-System, the ACAT company and the University of Hohenheim. In contrast to the drying process with the Electric Mole, the SludgeManager™ can convey the sludge lengthwise or crosswise at will. This makes...

  • Large Thermal Sewage Sludge Drying Plants

  • SmartDry - Belt Dryer

    SmartDry - Belt Dryer

    TheSmartDry™ belt dryerutilizes the available waste heat efficiently for the drying of sewage sludge. The sewage sludge is fed into theSmart Dry™ belt dryerby a matrix-free feeding. The patent pending feeding system is 100 % secure of plugging and allows the loading/feeding of sludge with dry solids content range between 15 to 70 %. The sewage sludge drying is carried out at low drying temperatures between 90 and 150°C (194 -...