thinkstep is the global leader in sustainability performance man­agement. Our data, drawn from more than 7,000 datasets, is unrivalled in its scope and rigour, and permits precise sustainability calculations across all parts of the supply chain. Our software is robust, convenient to use and available on-demand or as part of a complex, configurable solution. Our services are underpinned by more than 2,000 man years’ expe­rience from major industry. These three qualities of data, software and services enable us to provide sustainability as a service to 2,500 companies – including 40% of the Fortune 500 – aca­demic institutions, governments and associations such as BASF, Hewlett-Packard, Interface, Kraft Foods, Siemens, Unilever, Volkswa­gen, the Bank of England and the European Commission.

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Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

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Sustainability Consulting and Software

thinkstep enables organizations worldwide to succeed sustainably. Our industry-leading sustainability software, data and consulting services help businesses drive operational excellence, product innovation, brand value and regulatory compliance. With a global presence in 19 countries we serve more than 2,000 companies, including 40 percent of the Fortune 500 such as BASF, Hewlett-Packard, Interface, Renault, Siemens and Unilever.

We enable companies worldwide to recalibrate their strategies and operations for long-term sustainability success.

Sustainability is the pivot point for success

There’s no such thing as ‘business as usual’ in our era of climate change, resource scarcity, and population growth. Today’s complex global value chains carry substantial risks and opportunities for environmental impact. That’s why governments, investors, customers and communities demand increased transparency and proactive, credible action from companies.

We believe that the next 10 years will be the breakthrough decade for global sustainability agendas. People and institutions demands it, scientific knowledge confirms it, and modern technology enables it. But true sustainability requires a new approach—one grounded in data, scaled up through technology, and tailored with services—to deliver real, long-term results.

thinkstep is the global leader in sustainability performance management.

When you work with thinkstep, you’re in good company. 2,500 businesses worldwide—including 40% of the Fortune 500—plus academic institutions, governments, and associations trust us to help them optimise sustainability throughout their organisations. We help you put your forward thinking  into practice, recalibrating strategies and operations for long-term sustainability success with proven data, technology, and services.

Our data, drawn from more than 72,000 datasets, is unrivalled in its scope and rigour. It permits precise sustainability calculations across all parts of the supply chain. Our software is robust, easy to use, and available on demand or as part of a configurable solution. Meanwhile, our experts help you map and evaluate the economic, environmental, and social impact for every aspect of your operations and products—then take action to reduce risks and make the most of your opportunities.

Capture the environmental, economic, and social impact of every aspect of your products and operations, simply and efficiently. We offer the world’s leading source of next-generation sustainability technology and expertise, built over 20+ years. Our data is collected from businesses around the world and in every industry resulting in 72,000+ constantly evolving data sets, benchmarks, and best practices.

Tap into:

  • Interconnected primary data, industry-sector data, and geo data, which allows you to see the trends emerging from the bigger picture
  • Configurable data models for dynamic analysis of products and product portfolios
  • Next-generation filling systems to close gaps in your data
  • Visual queries for intuitive analysis
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate risk and opportunity
  • Data characterization, categorization and aggregation from product to corporate level
  • Benchmarking and peer analysis
  • Dynamic scoring to evaluate qualitative and quantitative performance

Sustainability and compliance are complex business challenges—it takes sound analysis and engaged action will to solve them. But sustainability knowledge, needs, and standards are constantly changing. That’s why we constantly evolve our knowledge to keep you at the forefront of sustainability developments.

When you know the hotspots in your entire value chain you can build in compliance to reduce operational risk, report on material issues to your stakeholders, and accelerate product innovation. As a result, you will strengthen your brand and profitability long term, insulating your business against potential risks.

Sustainability emerges from trend to necessity.

Successful businesses

...have realized that driving economic performance and driving sustainability go along.

We believe that a corporate sustainability strategy creates surplus and also a change of perspective: “Circular” instead of take-make-waste is the future leader’s business model.

Software & Consulting Services turns complexity into transparency.

With 20 years of market experience we know that environmental, social, and compliance matters are complex but controllable. What you are looking for is an overview. thinkstep software and services enhance data quality, save processing time and improve reporting and decision-making.

Over 2,500 enterprise customers – including 40% of the Fortune 500 – have used thinkstep in over 3000 projects over the years to support their compliance, reporting and sustainability goals.

Welcome to a world of thoroughly accumulated data.

Our platform permits precise sustainability calculations across all parts of your supply chain – and it is constantly evolving. The platform’s core consists of the Data Foundation plus the Analytical Applications

From producing product LCAs to managing multiple disclosure requirements our data will assist you to the next step in building your company’s sustainability strategy.

The more you know the better your decisions.

Many of our clients start their sustainability journey from the ground up like ThyssenKrupp that gained immediate competitive advantage when it comes to stringent regional requirements.

Wherever you stand, our data and consulting services will accompany you to the next “thinkstep” in sustainability. Due to reliable data and knowledge gained, you can choose your next step with confidence. How can we partner with your efforts in sustainability?

The more you know the smarter your actions

Sustainability is a complex business challenge. Ideology or good intentions alone won’t solve it, instead, sound analysis and engaged action will. Confidence in our mission starts with true knowledge. This inspires us to expand our insights continuously because the more we know, the smarter our actions.

This belief is captured in our logo in a lively way. The bars turn into an expression of our ever evolving knowledge and creates the main and dominant element of our corporate design. That's why we called our logo “the ever-evolving knowledge”.

In 1991, few were thinking about sustainability. thinkstep was one of them. Awareness, expertise, methods, and software have since grown into mature sustainability solutions. Sustainability is an attitude that we live every day. For instance, thinkstep has been carbon-neutral since 2006. Family-friendly policies and social responsibility towards employees and business partners are central pillars of our corporate strategy.

thinkstep sees itself as a think tank, a link connecting industry and research. The insights we gain flow into our consulting and software and are eyeopener. Besides our business activities we are engaged in various projects and activities and support people all over the world.

Recent community projects

Turning garbage into gold

We supported the aid organisation Brot für die Welt (BfdW or Bread for the World, the development and relief agency of Germany’s Protestant churches) by sending Christmas greetings via email instead of printed Christmas cards. This reduces costs and conserves resources. The money that we saved was donated to people who urgently need our help.

Typhoon Haiyan

We supported the emergency aid organisation “Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe” by sending Christmas greetings via email instead of printed Christmas cards. Our Christmas email reduces costs and conserves resources.

Let the water flow!

For years they fought in vain against the drought in the southern part of the country. But with the help of Bread for the World and the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY, also called Mekane Yesus Church), the people of Konso are now free from their plight and harness thousands of hectares of land from the dry bush.

Learn under the open sky

All day long, Bandana Dalai has been looking forward to the next two hours. She sits on the ground, ramrodstraight and with wide, attentive eyes. The 13-year-old has spread out a discarded rice sack as a mat, and wears a red cardigan to keep the cold at bay – it’s winter in West Bengal.

Circus of hope

Life is a balancing act and not everybody achieves that balance. In South Africa, even the youngest children are aware of this. Many children and teenagers living in the townships are traumatised.

An Answer to Climate Change

In southern Bangladesh the effects of global warming are already markedly noticeable. Flooding and whirlwinds are striking more frequently and saltwater continues to encroach further into the regions interior.

Centre for Disabled Persons

The task of collating, folding, enveloping, and labelling of our mailings in the current format has been allocated to the good hands of the Stuttgart Centre for the Physically Disabled (bhz). In their workplace are over 300 members with various disabilities.

Child Sponsorship

Established in 1978, ChildFund Deutschland assists 80.000 children and their families in more than thirty countries through community-based sponsorship programs and other types of program interventions.


Movember is an annual, month-long celebration of the moustache, highlighting men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men.

thinkstep enables organizations worldwide to succeed sustainably. Our sustainability software, data and consulting services help you drive operational excellence, product innovation, brand value and regulatory compliance. is our highly scalable enterprise software platform and application center that empowers decision-makers to transform their business and achieve breakthrough results. The data foundation leverages the world’s largest sustainability database which houses over 15,000 industrial activity models for simulation of any value chain or product.

We complement our technology by thinkstep professional services to make sure you capture the full business value of sustainability. Our consulting services draw on more than two decades of experience working with businesses in 20 major sectors.

Sustainable Products

Enhance your brand and sales with truly sustainable products

A groundswell of legislation and buyer awareness has dramatically increased the demand for sustainable products. Meet the resulting opportunities and responsibilities successfully with us.

Businesses need a clear, well-defined product sustainability strategy (Life Cycle Thinking) to deliver positive results across the entire life of a product, from concept and design to end-of-life. Our platform helps you mitigate risks, reduce costs, and strengthen your brand with an integrated sustainable approach to product development. Intelligent workflows and response also enable better engagement with your stakeholders and your entire value chain for transparent performance management.

Sustainable Businesses

Today’s complex global value chains carry substantial risks and opportunities across sectors.

Governments, investors, customers, and communities demand increased scrutiny and transparency. Our platform helps you mitigate risks, reduce costs, and strengthen your brand with an integrated sustainable approach.

Automated data capture and validation help you improve sustainability, health and safety, and energy data quality. Integrated reporting and management systems make it simpler to meet regulatory compliance and audit requirements. Our systems also offer monitoring and planning for energy and resource efficiency. Intelligent workflows and response enable better engagement with your employees and your entire value chain for transparent performance management.

Sustainable Cities

Cities are major drivers for sustainability innovation today
Cities are major drivers for sustainability innovation today, setting purchasing guidelines that reward renewable energy efforts and energy efficiency initiatives in business and construction. We help increase the quality of sustainability data from buildings, operations and suppliers by automating data capture and validation.

Use our supplier scorecards to make better business decisions when putting green purchasing programs in place. Our systems offer monitoring and planning for carbon reduction and energy efficiency along with benchmarking and best practice tools to enhance performance management. We also automate reporting for common environmental and sustainability standards, making it easier for you to deliver transparent sustainability information to your stakeholders.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Managing your supply chain proactively means understanding risks and anticipating potential issues before they occur.

Companies that engage in broad collaboration throughout their value chain and industry are better able to innovate and solve the bigger sustainability challenges across the product life cycle. We help you quickly screen complex global supply chains for environmental and social impact so you can focus on the hotspots.

Track your suppliers’ and products’ compliance with international standards and regulations, quickly and simply. Use our scorecards and benchmarking to assess supplier sustainability assessment and performance. Our platform also supports efficient audits, sharing of best practices, and collaboration at every stage of your supply chain.

Materials and Compliance Management

Reduce costs & avoid recalls by managing materials and substances early in the product design phase

As the design and performance of products across all industries become more and more complex, companies must enter the next frontier of product innovation: material-aware product design and engineering.

Material information and how it’s managed can have a profound effect on your product’s lifecycle, and often plays a role in the success of the product.

Thus it is critical to efficiently manage the lifecycle of all the required materials and substances so that your company can create innovative, compliant and sustainable products.

We make it easy to establish a framework for sustainability and Design for Environment (DfE) initiatives, starting with a substance compliance solution to support the development of compliant, environmentally friendly products.

Life Cycle Assessment

Get the verified facts that guide truly sustainable sourcing and product development.

LCA gives you a more complete understanding of your company’s dependence on critical raw materials, the availability of alternative sources, and the impact of materials and processes on the environment. With our integrated LCA platform, you can identify trade-offs within your value chain and reduce both economic and environmental risks.

Use our fact-based lifecycle analyses to support strategic decisions about product portfolio investments, product development, and sourcing materials. Let our process engineers compare different production processes with LCA to advise you on the ones that will provide superior sustainability performance. Our LCA software and services also give you the data and tools to design more sustainable products from the concept to end-of-life stages.