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  • GaBi - Professional LCA Database

    GaBi - Professional LCA Database

    The GaBi Professional is the standard LCA database provided with the GaBi ts software. It is the most robust life cycle inventory on the market. The GaBi Professional LCA Database is regularly updated and is derived from industry sources, scientific knowledge, technical literature, and internal patent information creating a solid foundation for assessing your materials, products, services and processes.

  • GaBi - Organic Intermediates - LCA Database

    GaBi - Organic Intermediates - LCA Database

    Contains 163 processes: basic products of industrial synthesis, oxidation products of ethylene, alcohols, components for polyamids, conversion products of propene, aromats and conversion products of benzene, oxidation products of xylene.

  • GaBi - Plastics - LCA Database

    GaBi - Plastics - LCA Database

    Contains 106 processes: Mass plastics (e.g. PE with various densities, PP, PS), vinyl polymers (e.g. PVC, PVAL), technical plastics (e.g. ABS, PMMA, PTFE), polyamide (e.g. PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6.12), special plastics (e.g. PPS, PEEK, SMA).

  • GaBi - Coatings - LCA Database

    GaBi - Coatings - LCA Database

    Contains 80 processes and 12 plans: Various solvent, powder and water coats, slurry clear coat, plans for the modelling of automotive and industrial coating.

  • GaBi - Electronics - LCA Database

    GaBi - Electronics - LCA Database

    Contains 247 processes and 1 plan: Assembly lines, coil, diodes, ICs, PWBs, solder pastes, capacitors, transistors, LED SMDs, resistors, ring core coils, FR4 substrates, thermistors and others.

  • GaBi - Ecoinvent Integrated - LCA Database

    GaBi - Ecoinvent Integrated - LCA Database

    Latest release of the ecoinvent LCI database version 3.5 contains new, revised and updated datasets across 5 sectors as well as improved representations of supply chains. ecoinvent's flow hierarchy is completely matched to the GaBi flow hierarchy for a full compatibility with all GaBi LCA Databases.

  • GaBi - Textile Finishing - LCA Database

    GaBi - Textile Finishing - LCA Database

    Contains 147 processes and 140 plans: Pre-treatment (dry processes such as singeing, or wet processes like desizing, bleaching and scouring), dyeing and/or printing (e.g. acids, cationic, direct, disperse, and reactive dyes), finishing, fabrics.

  • GaBi - NREL U.S. LCI Integrated - LCA Database

    GaBi - NREL U.S. LCI Integrated - LCA Database

    This database contains 760 processes and 42 plans integrated from NREL’s U.S. LCI Database project. It is free for all GaBi clients that alsready have a purchased GaBi LCA Database.

  • GaBi - Full U.S. Database - LCA Database

    GaBi - Full U.S. Database - LCA Database

    Contains 1,814 cradle-to-gate inventories and 410 plans for commonly used materials, energy supplies and transportation systems with U.S. boundary conditions.

  • GaBi - Bioplastics - LCA Database

    GaBi - Bioplastics - LCA Database

    Contains 128 datasets for bioplastics from different sources, e.g. sugar cane, corn, wheat etc. 24 recycling plans, Germany, US and Europe (EU-28).

  • GaBi - India - LCA Database

    GaBi - India - LCA Database

    Contains 236 datasets, 36 India-specific transport related datasets, 48 electronics and general components.

  • GaBi - Carbon Composites - LCA Database

    GaBi - Carbon Composites - LCA Database

    Contains 137 processes based on industry data, 58 of which are unit processes, with the most common manufacturing and processing technologies in different geographical regions. The carbon composites (CF) database was created by Fraunhofer IBP and Fraunhofer IGCV and is exclusively available for GaBi Software users. The extension database includes materials and manufacturing processes related to carbon fibers and provides industrial companies and research...

  • GaBi - End-of-Life - Parameterized Models - LCA Database

    GaBi - End-of-Life - Parameterized Models - LCA Database

    Contains 59 processes and 137 plans. These plans cover individual countries in the EU, but also average EU-28 situations and represent the EoL treatments for various relevant waste categories, including domestic waste, paper waste, plastic waste and glass waste. For each waste category, the most relevant EoL recycling, incineration and landfill paths can be set via parameters. You can select different EoL modelling approaches (EF EoL methodology,...