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  • Product Sustainability Software Suites

    Bring more sustainable products to market faster with sustainability software that helps you evaluate products for environmental impact and collaborate more efficiently.

  • Product Design and Innovation Software

    Product Design and Innovation Software

    Develop more sustainable products, faster: Product designers today face a double dilemma: they often lack the resources to quickly evaluate the sustainability of their designs, yet they must carefully balance the demand for more sustainable products with the technical requirements of design and production.

  • Sustainability Product and Portfolio Reporting Software

    Sustainability Product and Portfolio Reporting Software

    We help you develop a resilient revenue stream with tools that make it easier and faster to create verified product sustainability reports. Quickly identify hotspots and create alternatives with less environmental and social impact while improving economic returns.

  • GaBi - Lifecycle Engineering Software

    GaBi - Lifecycle Engineering Software

    Sustainability is everyone’s business but it can be difficult for the teams of experts and stakeholders in a business to collaborate on the relevant issues and opportunities. We make it easy and quick to share product sustainability information and results in a language everyone can understand.

  • Corporate Sustainability Software

    Our corporate sustainability software solutions simplify reporting, risk management, audits, strategy and resource optimization across your entire organization.

  • Sustainability Reporting and Management Software

    Sustainability Reporting and Management Software

    Collecting, sharing, and reporting data are vital for improving sustainability results. However, these workflows often suffer from double-work and complexity. Our Sustainability Reporting and Management Suite helps you integrate rapid, accurate sustainability reporting and efficient performance management into your core organizational processes.

  • Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Management Software

    Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Management Software

    As EH&S regulations worldwide are increasing and resources are declining efficient risk management and operations become even more urgent. Our software suite enables you to create a transparent EH&S management system for compliance, auditing, and reporting, which helps reduce risk of non-compliance and related financial consequences.

  • Building Portfolio Management Software

    Building Portfolio Management Software

    Fulfil investor demand and increase the value of your real estate portfolio with a scalable approach to sustainability. You don’t have to be an expert to improve sustainability across your building portfolio. Let us help you get your property certified to green building standards and demonstrate good management practices.

  • SoFi - On Salesforce - Sustainability Platform

    SoFi - On Salesforce - Sustainability Platform

    SoFi by thinkstep is a trusted software solution that accelerates corporate responsibility performance by helping companies better manage their environmental & social reporting, ensures compliance and improves profitability. All based on the Salesforce flexible platform that delivers technology led innovation.

  • Supply Chain Transparency

  • Supplier Engagement Software

    Supplier Engagement Software

    Collecting, verifying, and analysing supplier sustainability data is complex and time-consuming: Plus, the suppliers in your network may have varying degrees of sustainability knowledge and motivation to provide the information you need. Our Supplier Engagement Suite makes it simple for suppliers to collaborate with you to meet the big goals on your sustainability agenda. You will quickly and easily gain the insights you need to improve products and...

  • Version LCA Hub - Data Collection and Modelling

    Version LCA Hub - Data Collection and Modelling

    Our easy to access and use data collection application helps you cut down the time spent on LCA while increasing data quality and consistency. LCA data collection and modelling now takes less effort and can be up to 30% faster with improved accuracy.

  • GaBi Life Cycle Assessment

  • GaBi ts - Databases Software

    GaBi ts - Databases Software

    GaBi is the world’s most trusted LCA modeling software with over 10,000 users across companies, industry associations and academic institutions.

  • GaBi - Version Envision Release 3.0 - Simple User Interface

    GaBi - Version Envision Release 3.0 - Simple User Interface

    Take the complexity out of LCA modelling to increase quality and reduce time to market for sustainable products. GaBi Envision provides a simple user interface that allows product designers, engineers, and sales and marketing teams to access detailed LCA models—no deep technical LCA knowledge necessary.

  • GaBi - Syndication Server

    GaBi - Syndication Server

    Centralise workflows and information in a fully transparent system to achieve the greatest efficiency and reduce risks as well as costs. By providing central database management, quality assurance workflows and user rights management, the GaBi Syndication Server dramatically improves results and team performance.

  • GaBi - Databases

    GaBi - Databases

    Our unmatched data quality and accuracy lets you substantiate sustainability claims to raise your brand profile, increase revenue, and improve your competitive advantage with confidence.

  • Sustainability Data

    Access the most comprehensive source of sustainability data in the world: 72,000+ datasets compiled over 20 years and constantly evolving.

  • thinkstep Data Foundation

    thinkstep Data Foundation

    We have spent 20 years with businesses, associations and governments around the world building  the largest coherent data model for almost every existing industrial process and it's environmental impact. Our data fusion and analytics layer integrates multiple data sources into coherent models, performs complex computations, and dynamic scenario modeling. Data exchange technologies enable efficient data capture and transfer across your...

  • GaBi - Data on Demand Software

    GaBi - Data on Demand Software

    Get the data that fits your unique requirements quickly and easily to stay up to date, reduce risks, and maintain your competitive edge. Data on Demand helps you address one of the most constant sustainability challenges in business today: Change.

  • SoFi Software - SoFi Software - Corporate Sustainability

    Understand your opportunity to reduce energy, carbon emissions, water use and waste across your operations and supply chain. And enhance your sustainability communication. SoFi ESP software transforms data into insights and enables companies to implement the most profitable sustainability initiatives.

  • SoFi - Enterprise Sustainability Performance Software

    SoFi - Enterprise Sustainability Performance Software

    SoFi Enterprise is the premier sustainability software for complex organizations to integrate performance management in their operations and value chain. This highly flexible, collaborative platform becomes the single source for sustainability performance metrics with automated data capture, validation and reporting.

  • SoFi - Version CDP - Speed and Precision Software for Carbon Reporting

    SoFi - Version CDP - Speed and Precision Software for Carbon Reporting

    SoFi CDP is the professional, ready-to-go software solution for carbon management and reporting from the PE experts. Data collection is fast, reporting is simple and it puts highly accurate, audit-proof carbon performance indicators at your fingertips to share internally and externally with rating organizations, investors and customers. SoFi CDP also helps you easily identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and energy use. SoFi software was...

  • SoFi - Version GRI - Sustainability Management and Reporting Software

    SoFi - Version GRI - Sustainability Management and Reporting Software

    Want to disclose your sustainability metrics and strategy to your investors, customers or rating agencies? Now you can save time and money with SoFi GRI. The new professional, ready-to-go solution speeds up data collection, simplifies reporting and ensures data quality and accuracy. SoFi GRI gives you the sustainability metrics you need to report with confidence and engage customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders. With SoFi GRI you will...

  • SoFi - Version PSM - Building Portfolio Sustainability Management Software

    SoFi - Version PSM - Building Portfolio Sustainability Management Software

    thinkstep’s SoFi PSM is a professional reporting solution that enables property and asset managers to quickly analyze and benchmark the sustainability performance of their real estate portfolios. You get rapid data capture and validation coupled with a proven benchmarking methodology based on industry standards such as Energy Star, DGNB, PRI, GRI and others. SoFi PSM boosts your sustainability reporting to investors and helps you comply...

  • SoFi - Software for Materiality Assessment

    SoFi - Software for Materiality Assessment

    New sustainability reporting guidelines require businesses to conduct a materiality assessment.SoFi Software for materiality assessment is the first GRI G4 and SASB certified cloud-solution which helps you identify and prioritize sustainability aspects.

  • thinkstep.one

  • thinkstep.one - Cloud Foundation

    thinkstep.one - Cloud Foundation

    We make it convenient and cost-effective to manage your enterprise-level sustainability applications in any cloud configuration. The easily scalable thinkstep.one cloud foundation adds hosting simplicity to the thinkstep.one software platform.

  • thinkstep.one - Web Portal Software

    thinkstep.one - Web Portal Software

    Take advantage of the most comprehensive and flexible web portal available for corporate and product sustainability services. With thinkstep.one, we have consolidated and condensed various leading software offerings into a single, global sustainability web platform.