Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH

Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH

Environmental Technology, the most innovative business area in the House of Thöni, can already look back on more than 10 years experience in composting and bio-gas technologies. Thus a highly regarded technical experiment in residual waste splitting with Montanuniversität Leoben and the Technical University of Munich has proved the viability of the Thöni waste processing technology. In addition to the material re-cycling of waste - producing high-value compost from bio-waste, the most recent concepts enable energy to be extracted from the re-cycling process. This ecologically most sensible development is fully taken into account within the framework of Thöni`s TAV- Concept. A mature technology, combined with competent advice and flexible solutions, have made environmental technology into a highly regarded partner for both public and private contractors world-wide.

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Obermarktstraße 48 , Telfs , A - 6410 Austria
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Waste to Energy
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Globally (various continents)

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The headquarters of the Thöni group are located in Telfs, Tyrol. Apart from that, there are production locations and/or subsidiaries in Landeck, Kempten, Allgäu and Rovereto, Italy.

The Thöni family run business works in the following divisions:

  • Aluminium
  • Environmental engineering
  • Plant engineering
  • Hose production
  • Manufacturing

In Kempten, 60,000 tons of billets for extrusion are produced every year by means of recasting. The extrusion works in Telfs turn these billets into aluminium profiles with demanding profiles and also produce vendor parts for the automotive industry.

In the Environmental engineering, Thöni constructs plants for the generation of power and heat from renewable energy sources.

In the Hose division, fire brigade hoses and special hoses for the industrial use have been produced since 1970.

In the latest division, Manufacturing, in Kempten, we have produced high-precision workpieces up to 5,000 kg for the machine and system construction, gear construction and components for the wind energy technology on our automated systems.

Especially the training of employees and young people is of particular importance; for this purpose, the unique Thöni Academy has been founded.

Thöni stands for flexibility, dependability and continuity.

As a sovereign and independent corporation we rely on highly efficient and success oriented business divisions.

All business divisions have the following in common:

  •     Focus on the customers' needs
  •     Meeting the quality requirements
  •     Adherence to delivery schedules

We are as committed to our employees, business partners and customers as we are committed to the people close to us as well as to nature. In this we strive to achieve success in harmony with our environment.

Constant innovative steps are required on the human, product and procedural level in order to be the best during an era when globalization, technology and individualism are paramount.

The Thöni-Group has accepted this challenge.

The company created a unique philosophy and/or institution, the Thöni Academy in order to commit and/or attract the right people (employees, customers, partners) for a long time.

The Thöni Academy is an area to encounter and promote the mental (study tank, think tank, information tank) and physical (body tank) vitality of the employees, customers and partners of the Thöni consortium.

More than just a location but a complete 'idea' that creates sustained added value and aids in securing the long-term success of the company by enabling people to grow through changes and challenges.

The four pillars of the Thöni Academy:

  • Study tank / Study shop

Systematic training and advanced training/qualifying (technically/socially/methodically) in form of individual seminars, curricula, etc.

  • Think tank

Room/inspirations for creative work/research

  • Information tank / Information forum

Means and methods for information transfer and -management

  • Body tank / Body laboratory

Fitness and training options as well as health-promotional measures