Thomas Products Ltd.

Thomas Products Ltd.

Thomas Products designs and manufactures hundreds of standard flow and level switches, as well as water flow gages, liquid level gauges, flow gages, water level controls, liquid level controls and flow controls. We can also custom design and manufacture variations of almost all of our parts for specific applications such as high temperature & unique mounting solutions. We have the ability to use any number of connectors, specific wire or cable, as well as threading connections.

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987 West Street , Southington , CT 06489-1023 USA
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Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Thomas Products Ltd. is a fully-integrated manufacturer. We design and develop leading-edge, high quality liquid level switches and liquid flow switch through innovative processes at better than competitive prices while keeping delivery better than the 'standard'.

TQC - Thomas Quality Control
We assemble every switch to ensure the consistent quality we're known for shows in our finished products. All of our parts are processed through our intense quality control system. Metal and plastic parts are challenged with periodic destructive testing. Our assemblers follow approved processes to ensure the highest quality for all our level switches, flow switches and pump controls.

All of our raw materials require material certification. Our stock rotation and inspection system assures the best materials available are used. (Compliance with MIL-I-45208 and MIL-STD-45662). With a separate Qualty Control department we ensure that all parts whether machined, injection molded, assembled or any other procedure used, are within the specified standards. All materialsa re labled and organized by ID Lot # etc. to guarnatee that stocks do not get mixed up. With periodic re-qualification of our staff members, and our QC manual, produced scrap and mistakes are kept at an absolute minimum.

Certified welders handle each part in our low-hydrogen environment and weld all joints TIG (GTAW) this ensures the best joint possible. Each welder is re-qualified annually to make sure that quality control is at the highest standard.

Our CNC Lathes can produce great quantities of parts, using special purpose tools, exclusively designed for Thomas Products. With complete, in-house machining capabilities, we can meet your delivery requirement.

Expert manufacturing gives you consistent quality, part to part (VTL Machining Center CNC). With our special purpose tooling and programs, we can quickly change part set-up. This allows easy modifications of our standard parts to meet your specific applications. Delivery is guaranteed!

Some parts are assembled in a semi-automated process. Using this, although sometimes slower operation, every part is handled and inspected to ensure they not only meet your standards, but that they also meet our strict standards.

Using semi-automated processes, we ensure that not only are all parts are in specification but that the 'specification window' is as small as possible. Since all parts are manufactured so close in specification your engineers will not have to make changes or allow for differences in parts.

Our injection molding department, complete with an advanced support tool room has the facilities to create our own tooling and molds. Using the resources of our skilled toolmakers, we manufacture each component to meet the high expectation our customers demand, Because Thomas Products molds in house, we can certify that during the molding process, color concentrates that hinder FDA requirements of additive leaching have not been added. Our production control maintains part integrity.

Our Level Switches that use hollow plastic floats are individually sonic welded. Sonic welding is the best of all types of joining the two pieces. With a properly joined float, the weld is at least as strong as the rest of the part if not stronger. Even still, every part is pressure tested to ensure you will not have a float leak.

The Leading Edge...We are the innovator of cutting-edge design and the manufacturer of electrical level and flow switches and nonelectric indicators. We are determined to stay ahead of our competition, while still focusing on craftsmanship.

Quality...When you buy our products, you receive total quality assurance since we are a full-service operation from raw material purchase to product completion.

Continuous Customer/Product Support...With more than three decades of business experience, we have established long-term working relationships with clients in diverse industries including: aerospace, automotive, mining, construction, petrochemical, medical, food, and beverage.

Integrated Product Development...We offer hundreds of standard flow and level switches, as well as customized sensors. We create tailored tools and dies for your individual product development and application. We have complete in-house machining capabilities. And, we operate as a total team.