Timmons Engineering Software

Timmons Engineering Software

Timmons Engineering Software offers powerful packaged and custom application software for the water and wastewater fields. Our original packaged spreadsheet libraries were first offered for sale in 1988. Our products have been purchased by public and private utilities, consulting engineers, manufacturers and others. Our Excel spreadsheet libraries are especially designed for the water and wastewater operator, manager, engineer and technician. The spreadsheets were created for specific design or operations calculations and reporting. Detailed help information is provided with each spreadsheet. Each library is also provided wth a comprehensive user`s manual with additional technical data.

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P.O. Box 927 - 16 C N. Brooks St. , Manning , SC 29102 USA

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Software vendor
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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)

The spreadsheets in our libraries are designed for both the experienced and the novice spreadsheet user.  The novice can load the sheet, enter data indicated and display or print the results.  The experienced user can do the same or easily combine the sheets into complex reports or models.  The company or utility can add their name or logo to the spreadsheets to customize their applications.

The libraries of spreadsheets save time, save costs and increase productivity by providing reference information, component selection and detailed calculation and report generation capabilities at your fingertips.  Now with our mobile device spreadsheets you can easily carry these powerful and easy to use tools with you where ever you go.

With our libraries you can simply click Buy Now and as soon as your payment is processed you can download the library files directly to your desktop or mobile device.