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  • Repairs & Spare Parts Services

    Repairs & Spare Parts Services

    Things can sometimes go wrong, even in robust machines like TOMRA sorting systems. Our service engineers will solve the problem – quickly, thoroughly and reliably. Wherever our services are needed, we have an extensive global service network with rapid reaction times. Our specialists can solve many problems straight away, thanks to our Remote Service. This saves time, money and reduces production losses to a minimum. Where repairs are needed on...

  • Maintenance & Services

    Maintenance & Services

    Regular maintenance means you are assured the highest performance from TOMRA sorting systems - because you will only achieve optimum results in the long term if the technology is in top condition. Dirt, wear and damage lead to a decrease in sorting performance; and that cuts into your profits. It is therefore necessary to keep the output of your sorting system as high as possible and the leftover waste for disposal as low as possible. The best way to...