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  • Notify+Assist Tool

    Notify+Assist Tool

    Notify+Assist is an indispensable tool for your TOMRA reverse vending machine (RVM). The digital platform provides real-time, actionable insights into in-store reverse vending activity, making it easier for your personnel to operate the machines efficiently and keep customers satisfied.

  • Voucher Control Tool

    Voucher Control Tool

    Voucher Control is an essential cloud-based tool for your reverse vending machine (RVM) that secures your deposit refunds and allows your customers to redeem their deposits across your entire chain.

  • Weekly Analytics

    Weekly Analytics

    Weekly Analytics is a set of reports on in-store reverse vending activity. The reports provide valuable insights into how consumers and store personnel interact with your reverse vending machines (RVM), enabling you to work more efficiently and provide a positive recycling experience for your customers.

  • myTOMRA App

    myTOMRA App

    myTOMRA is the perfect companion for your TOMRA reverse vending systems. The free mobile app makes recycling more convenient, environmentally-friendly and appealing for your digitally-minded customers. All your customers need to do is download myTOMRA and start recycling!