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  • Recycling Trommel Screen Equipment

    Recycling Trommel Screen Equipment

    Designed and engineered to meet the most demanding recycling situations, Tong Peal’s recycling trommels offer robust and reliable separation of trommel fines from waste streams, significantly reducing landfill material volume whilst offering considerable savings on landfill tax charges. Built with minimal maintenance and labour requirements in mind, Tong Peal’s trommels offer efficient and flexible screening that you can rely on....

  • Star - Screens

    Star - Screens

    Tong Engineering is the appointed manufacturing contractor to Pearson star screens and is proud to offer the complete range of these effective screening machines, which feature a patented arrangement of fixed or adjustable star shafts. With exceptional capabilities in effectively cleaning-up trommel fines, particularly when used in conjunction with a density separator (to separate the light fraction), Pearson star screens can process up to 95% of...