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Services by Ecotech - ACOEM Group

  • Wind Tunnel Calibrations Services

    Wind Tunnel Calibrations Services

    With our CSIRO designed wind tunnel situated at our Melbourne head office, we are the only NATA / ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in Australia that can calibrate all types of anemometers.

  • Data Reporting Services

    Data Reporting Services

    We are NATA/ISO17025 accredited for the operation and maintenance of ambient air and continuous emission monitoring systems which includes data acquisition and reporting. We understand that compliance is not only mandatory – it is a responsibility. We operate one of the largest networks of monitoring systems in the world, with over 300 sites. Our maintenance and data reporting services are relied upon by Rio Tinto, BHP, Shell, Transurban and...

  • Rental & Operations Contracts

    Rental & Operations Contracts

    When budgets won’t allow capital equipment to be purchased, or where the monitoring programme is only for a short duration our instrument rental and “pay for data” contracts provide an alternative solution for customers. Whether you require a one-month rental, or a year-long rental, we will find a solution for you. Our Operations Contracts are fully inclusive of supply of equipment, routine calibration,...

  • Service & Repair

    Service & Repair

    We provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services for all Ecotech equipment, as well as brands distributed by Ecotech.

Services by Ocean Optics - a Halma Company

  • Calibration Services

    Calibration Services

    There are two ways to calibrate the products you use: We perform the calibration for you. We provide you with the tools and know-how. If you choose our calibration services, you benefit from our controlled metrology facility and experience in calibrating thousands of instruments. We offer Radiometric Calibration Services, Spectrometer Wavelength Calibration Services and Oxygen Sensor Calibration Services.

  • Service Packages

    Service Packages

    Ocean Optics offers Annual Service Package (ASP) and Total Technical Service (TTS) Product Protection Plan as add-ons to our standard 3-year warranty. Great spectrometer maintenance features are available at a reasonable cost. Think of it as...

  • Installation Services

    Installation Services

    Some of our integrated systems (such as the LIBS system, the ellipsometers, and the Thin Films reflectometry systems) require specialized installation at the customer site. Our installation services include the detailed installation of the system (both hardware and software), performance and operational certification, and operator training. We can also help you with the relocation of your instruments.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Feasibility Studies

    Because Ocean Optics has over 1200 products from which to choose the right product configuration for your application, we wish to alleviate any concern over optimizing the perfect system and protecting your instrumentation investment by offering feasibility studies services. With this new service, our Applications Scientists will run your samples with the suggested experimental setup and prepare a report to help you decide on the most suitable equipment...

  • System Upgrades

    System Upgrades

    One of the great advantages of an Ocean Optics spectrometer is its flexibility. By simply changing a light source or some other accessory, you can use the same instrument for a variety of applications. To further enhance this flexibility, we offer upgrade packages that can provide you with the equivalent of new spectrometer at a fraction of the cost. You can change or upgrade your spectrometer resolution, sensitivity and/or spectral range.

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    Hardware Support: Call our TTS group with any concerns of application or software compatibility, hardware problems or equipment malfunction. They will evaluate your issue and suggest solutions or present you with a contingency plan to have your system up and running in no time. SpectraSuite Support: Ocean Optics will support all software requirements for setting up your system and any software-related concerns for the duration of your software license in...

Services by Edgetech Instruments, Inc.

  • Edgetech Instruments - Calibration & Service

    Edgetech Instruments - Calibration & Service

    Edgetech Instruments services all brands of hygrometers with our quick and friendly Rapid Response Customer Service. Dew/frost point, humidity, temperature and oxygen content recertification and calibration services are performed in the USA, in our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited, ISO 9001:2015 registered calibration laboratory. All recertifications and calibrations are traceable to NIST, assuring the highest level of accuracy and confidence.