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    Since its beginnings, it has stood  out because of a marked vocation for innovation and customer service.

  • Rental Solution and Test Services

    Rental Solution and Test Services

    Toro Equipment provides the possibility to LEASE a pilot plant during a determined time so that you can check the results for yourself.

  • Commissioning Equipment Services

    Commissioning Equipment Services

    Toro Equipment will carry out the commissioning of your equipment during the days following project completion. Once the equipment is installed, our specialist technical commissioning team will come to the plant to start up and verify that the equipment is operating correctly. This is also when all adjustments and corrections required throughout the equipment will be performed so that the result of the waste-water treatment is that expected.

  • Replacement Services

    Replacement Services

    Toro Equipment original spare parts service has been designed to compliment and support our highly integrated service capability by allowing us to offer our customer’s a quickly response. Our maintenance team offers personalized advice on the selection of spare parts.

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  • Industrial Wastewater Solutions

    Industrial Wastewater Solutions

    High oil content This type of waste water is characterised by high oil and grease loads from hydrocarbons. Meat and derived industry Our process separates the solid materials from oils and fat that are mainly produced during the animal’s slaughter and quartering. In the case of slaughterhouses, our ANACONDA equipment can reduce the contaminating load by up to 95%. Milk industry Waste water containing fat and oils, generated from the cleaning of...

  • Municipal Wastewater Solutions

    Municipal Wastewater Solutions

    In urban waste water treatment, the water line is divided into four steps: pretreatment, primary, secondary and tertiary treatments. The first step is carried out by physical processes in order to prepare the water for subsequent phases. In the second stage, a physical-chemical treatment is carried out which allows the suspended particles flottation, followed by a biological treatment, consisting in the assimilation of organic material with oxygen.

  • Reusing Water Solutions

    Reusing Water Solutions

    Water recovery is the process undergone by waste water so that it can be reused. It is an alternative source of this resource for industrial uses, garden watering, agricultural irrigation and aquifer refilling. This water treated in plants has the appropriate health quality required for any specific use. It is an activity that should be encouraged because of all the involved benefits.

  • Sludge Treatment Solutions

    Sludge Treatment Solutions

    Sludge’s treatment, conditioning, dehydration and drying produced in the other waste water treatment stages up to 45%.