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  • Screw Conveyors

    The transport screws consist of a stainless steel casing in the form of a longitudinal cradle on which the helicoidal worm gear is mounted. In order to obtain higher transport capacity, the worm gear without a central shaft, rotates around its axis and, because of its shape, moves the transported materials towards the discharge mouth. These transporters are employed in various industries because they can be installed in a wide variety of configurations, elevations and in many process sectors

  • Defender - Compactor Screw

    Defender - Compactor Screw

    The Defender Compactor Screw by Toro Equipment, is a compact piece of equipment that that performs several functions in the process of removing the solids coming from urban and industrial treatment plants, as well reducing their moisture content and their volume.

  • Defender - Screw Conveyor

    Defender - Screw Conveyor

    Screw Conveyor are composed of stainless steel casing in the form of longitudinal wedge where the endless screw is mounted. Endless screws with no central shaft to achieve a greater transport rotation around the shaft. Its shape enables it to move the materials that are to be transported as far as the unloading hole.

  • Defender - Sand Remover

    Defender - Sand Remover

    The Sand removers manufactured by Toro Equipment consist of a sander made of fibreglass reinforced polyester (FRP) or stainless steel, and a hollow shaft screw that contains and transports.

  • Defender - Channel Screen Conveyor

    Defender - Channel Screen Conveyor

    Defender channel screen conveyors manufactured by Toro Equipment are items of equipment that perform three different functions: Screening – conveying – Compacting different types of solids. Installing this pre-treatment equipment in wastewater treatment plants will help to prevent the solids of different sizes and varieties that are present in waste water or process from silting it up channels, tanks and piping. It will thus protected the...

  • Defender - Compact Pre-treatment Plant

    Defender - Compact Pre-treatment Plant

    The Defender compact pre-treatment plant by Toro Equipment is a compact unit for the pre-treatment of water made of Stainless Steel AISI 304 and 316.

  • Draco - Mixing Screw Conveyor

    Draco - Mixing Screw Conveyor

    An additive mixer with a high transporting capacity. The Draco Transport Mixer Screw (TTM) by Toro Equipment is made of Stainless Steel.