Total Safety Consulting LLC

Total Safety Consulting LLC

For over a decade Total Safety Consulting, LLC (TSC) has been a leader in developing innovative, solutions orientated, safety management, loss control engineering, and environmental health and safety and technical training services. TSC is a certified WBE by New York City, New York State, Port Authority of New York, and the NYC School Construction Authority. TSC and its professional staff have assisted major Governmental and Regulatory bodies in Large Metropolitan Cities in developing rules, regulations and standards that are intended to improve safety performance in the construction and facilities management environment. TSC has provided guidance to ENR Top 100 companies,major Insurance Carriers and Government Agencies and Authorities in improving their health and safety performance and has developed and delivered thousands of comprehensive training programs for their personnel from senior executives to front line workers.

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751 Broadway Ave , Bayonne , 07002 New Jersey USA

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Engineering service provider
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Health and Safety - Workplace Safety
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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Over 1000

Along with a moral obligation to prevent death, disability and dismemberment, a successful management team realizes the financial effect of accidents and injuries on their bottom line. It is estimated that the indirect costs associated with each accident are as much as twenty times that of the direct cost. Lost productivity due to accidents significantly increases total labor costs.

With the limited number of controllable variable costs, a decreased Experience Modification Rate can mean the difference between being competitive and being out of business.

TSC is available to assist companies in improving safety performance, therefore protecting the viability and competitiveness of their enterprise.

The professional and experience staff of TSC, Total Safety Consulting is dedicated to the integration of proven loss control methods to assist clients in protecting their balance sheets through reduced accidents, thus lowering the cost of construction, while simultaneously creating a safer, more productive work environment.

Our objectives at TSC are to achieve premium quality and professional service in safety consulting. TSC, Total Safety Consulting L.L.C. (TSC) was developed to aid construction companies in navigating through the complexities of construction safety in the New York City metropolitan area, while simultaneously creating a safer, more productive work environment. Our philosophy is to assist clients in making their projects more productive by eliminating needless delays caused by accidents, injuries and enforcement.

Our Staff:

  • Our management relayed the best available information to our clients through our middle managers and supervisors.
  • Our client services and scheduling department worked with middle managers to make certain any requested staffing was provided – this included coordinating 24-hour coverage on a number of projects up to and throughout the storm.
  • We communicated through phone, public address and electronic communication for class cancellations and rescheduling.

Our Facilities:

  • We did lose power and communication in our administrative offices in Bayonne, NJ, but maintained essential services thorugh back-up power and limited staffing.
  • We were able to forward calls to our training center in Long Island City, NY, where they maintained power and phones. Our Long Island City offices remained open since the day after the storm.

Our offices in Bayonne and Long Island City are fully operational. With limited exceptions, all staff is reporting to their assignments. Where staff has experienced catastrophic losses that prohibited them from returning to work, we have reassigned staff, making certain that any project assignment is being covered.

We are assisting our clients in facilitating scaffold, crane and sidewalk-shed inspections, and in having their jobs released to go back to work. We are providing emergency personnel where essential fire services have been disrupted or are off-line.

We want to wish you a swift recovery, and we also wish to offer any assistance that you many need in your efforts to resume normal operations. If you have any need, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help in any way we can.

Total Safety Consulting offers:

  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Corporate Safety Programs
  • Written Site Safety Programs
  • Egress Plans
  • DOT Plans
  • Site Safety Logistics Plans (NYC BEST Squad)
  • Rigging Plans (NYC CD-5s)
  • Tenant Protection Plans
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • Noise Mitigation Plans
  • SCA/DASNY Safety Plans
  • SCA Fire Protection Plans
  • SCA Emergency Evacuation Plans