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  • Waste Management Services

    Solid Waste Management Bulk Liquid Waste Total Waste Management Resource Recovery & Recycling Waste Tracking and Reporting

  • Bulk Liquid Waste

    Bulk Liquid Waste

    Toxfree treats and manages a broad range of hazardous and non hazardous bulk liquid wastes produced by industry and the commercial sectors. Toxfree can manage every facet of liquid waste management including waste assessment and analysis, waste collection, transport permits and documentation, waste treatment and waste reporting. Toxfree can transport wastes categorised as Dangerous Goods and / or Controlled Wastes in one of our numerous liquid waste...

  • Waste Tracking and Reporting

    Waste Tracking and Reporting

    Wastefree is Toxfree's web-based waste tracking and resource management system.The system tracks the entire process from waste collection to the arrival and management at Toxfree treatment and disposal facilities. Wastefree provides; Central register of all waste activities Management and scheduling of services Comprehensive range of reports Generation of comprehensive invoices Live visual...

  • Total Waste Management

    Total Waste Management

    Toxfree offers an extensive range of market leading total waste management solutions to a wide range of industry sectors.Each Total Waste Management customer is assigned a Toxfree contract manager who is responsible for handling all waste management requirements. Our total waste management packages are based on providing a professional and timely service. We focus on recovery, recycling and responsible treatment or disposal that meets both...