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Trading Green Ltd. provides eco-friendly solutions that save costs. > Mission We source, import and distribute green materials for the construction industry. > Vision: To actively help fight the effects of Global Warming and to improve Public Health and Sanitation. Directly and through our network of distributors, we supply advanced materials such as: - nano solar reflective paint for insulation, carbon offsetting - aluminum composite foils for insulation, CO2 emission reduction - microorganisms for wastewater treatment - nanotechnology concrete waterproofing - nano wood care and other surface sealants Thanks to close partnerships with technology manufacturers, we are able to develop new markets for their innovative products as well as customize products to meet specific local needs. We also provide marketing and consulting services to launch new products on emerging markets, especially in South-East Asia.

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Interchange 21 Building, 32nd Floor, 399 Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey, Wattana , Bangkok , 10110 Thailand

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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NeoBio is a biological wastewater treatment solution developed in collaboration with the Louis Pasteur Institute in France. It digests organic wastewater quicker and more efficiently than traditional enzyme-based products.

Packaged in water-soluble 25 gram pouches which treat 1 cubic meter of holding tank for up to 2 weeks, NeoBio is easy to deploy, to use and harmless to people, animals, fish or plants.

See detailed business cases and references on our website.

Reference customers: 7-Eleven stores, Four Seasons Hotels, Six Senses Resorts & Spas, UNICEF, NGO Solidarites International, ...

Main benefits:

  • eliminates smell in 4 to 6 hours
  • stops pollution and reduces BOD, FOG, TKN, ...
  • inhibits pathogenic bacteria and disease vectors
  • reduces sludge volume by up to 60%

Available for the following applications:

  • NeoBio Oil & Grease: for grease traps and grease tanks, palm oil, food processing plants, biogas
  • NeoBio Septic: for toilets, septic tanks, wastewater treatment plants
  • NeoBio All-Water: for floor drains, fish ponds, canals
  • NeoBio Latrine: for dry and humid latrines, portable toilets, emergency response

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Planet Supra is a nanotechnology insulating paint made in Japan. It reflects 94.6% of radiating heat back to its source and provides the best-in-class insulation among coatings.

Available in more than 20 colors in matte and glossy finishes, its self-cleaning effect and extreme flexibility guarantee that painted surfaces, whether metal, concrete or wood, keep their best appearance for up to 10 years.

Planet Supra is certified to offset carbon emissions by Carbon Offset Japan.

Reference customers: 7-Eleven stores, Bouygues Construction, Carrefour, Coca-Cola, DHL, Four Seasons Hotels, Linfox, Mattel, PTT, Wallmart, ...

See our website for documented business cases with videos.

Performance examples:

  • 49% saved on A/C kWh consumption at Bouygues site office
  • 39% saved on A/C kWh consumption at PTT gas station office
  • 33C less on metal sheet roof of 7-Eleven store
  • 30% less heat load on Carrefour store metal sheet roof
  • 50C less on oven surface at Mattel factory

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Apollo Energy is a UK-based manufacturer of high quality Aluminum Composite Foils for heat and cold insulation. They also provide an excellent moisture barrier.

Foils are guaranteed for 20 years and have been independently tested to last for more than 60 years.

References: Beijing Olympics 2008, Raffles Hotel Singapore, Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi, Sony office building, Mattel factory, ...

Products available:

  • Thermo-Foil ES: highly tear and traction-resistant foil for roof insulation
  • AgriLiner: extremely durable foil for livestock farms, poultry, swine, ...
  • Eco-Brite: resistant foil for prefabricated buildings, modular structures
  • Enca-Seal: made to encase insulating foam on vents, pipes
  • Enca-Clad: made to encase insulated ducts, vents and pipes outdoors
  • Terrethene: moisture and gas barrier for sub-surface applications

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Spotless is a range of high quality nanotechnology products made in Germany. They contain a high concentration of nano-particles with a 100% eco-friendly composition that makes surfaces water and oil-repellent for up to 15 years.

Click the product names below to view and download PDF brochure. See our website for documented business cases and references.

Glass and Ceramic:

  • Spotless Glass & Ceramic: makes glass and ceramic easy-to-clean for 1 year. For indoors and outdoors applications in bathrooms, showers, windows, ...
  • Spotless Self-Clean Glass: for outdoors applications, makes windows self-cleaning for up to 3 years. For buildings, solar panels, verandas, ...

Wood care:

  • Spotless RenoWood: makes grey wood look like new again, without sanding
  • Spotless AntiGrey: UV protection that slows down greying process, preserves natural look and feel as product bonds with wood fibers
  • Spotless Wood & Stone: waterproofs wooden surfaces that are not sumbitted to abrasion, prevents growth of fungi and mold
  • Spotless Wood Marine: protects wood from environmental agressions for up to 3 years, including salt, fungi, algae. For sea-side properties, boats, pool decks.


  • Spotless Concrete: water and oil-repellent invisible sealant for concrete, lasts up to 15 years and is very resistant to abrasion. For parking lots, walls, driveways, ...
  • Spotless ConcretePro: penetrating sealant that provides lifetime waterproofing for concrete surfaces

Aluminum, stainless steel, chrome:

  • Spotless Multiprotec: lasts 10 years, renovates and protects aluminum facades, metal surfaces, boat hulls, acrylic paint. UV protection, anti-graffiti, anti-mold, fungi.
  • Spotless Chrome & Stainless: protects stainless steel and chrome surfaces from fingerprits, water, oil, dirt, grease. Makes surfaces easy-to-clean for 1 year.

For more applications see the product's detailed webpage.