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Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

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  • Full Closeable Collector System

    Full Closeable Collector System

    This is our ultimate in spill containment for railroad tank car top loading or unloading under pressure operations. This model comes with a center pan that is positioned between the rails and two side pans immediately outboard of the rails. When in the open position with the side pan flaps extended, this model will protect an area 11 ft. 3-6 inches wide by either 10, 20, or 30 ft. in length. All pans have factory installed, plugged NPT coupling hubs...

  • Drive-Over Track Spill Containment Pans

    Drive-Over Track Spill Containment Pans

    Make your loading rack work for loading or unloading of both tanker trucks and rail tank cars! Unique, reinforced railroad track collector pan now supports tank truck driver-over and loading. Avoid the expense of setting up two independent loading-unloading operations. Utilize the same OSHA stairway, gang plank, personnel fall prevention harness, loading arms and pumps for both operations.

  • Closeable Center System

    Closeable Center System

    This system is designed for situations where you bottom load or unload tank cars or when your top unloading is done with a suction method. This is because there is a low probability that spilled liquid will run down the sides of the tank car and dribble outboard of the rails. Since no side pans outboard of the rails are supplied, the hinged deflection flip-flaps are attached to the sidewalls of this center pan. This extends the protected area out to 4...

  • TESI Spill-Barrow - Low Hose Connection Points

    TESI Spill-Barrow - Low Hose Connection Points

    The TESI Truck Spill-Barrow was designed for easy, one person, temporary positioning under tanker truck drain hose fittings, or under hose connection manifolds at liquid transfer sites. It is far safer to use the Spill-Barrow than to attempt to move the commonly-used sawed-off 55 gallon plastic drum, which is prone to slip. Most models weigh only around 60 lbs., so they can be easily transported from one use location to another. The large 60-inch by...

  • Forklift Transportable Collector Pan

    Forklift Transportable Collector Pan

    For shippers and commodity receivers that have infrequent tank car or tanker truck deliveries, this forklift movable model can provide adequate spill containment. This model comes factory-equipped with a plugged, 2″ NPT hub drain which can be customer equipped with hose connection quick-connect fittings and then hose-connected to an auxiliary “full volume” containment moat or tank. This model allows you to have spill protection...

  • TESI - Open Track Pans

    TESI - Open Track Pans

    This track spill containment design is without the standard rolling raincover and is primarily intended to be used in areas that are under canopy roof or where the costs of collection of rainwater are not enough to justify a track pan with the rolling raincover. The Open Pan design uses the standard Trans Environmental Systems, Inc., TESI, flat steel bottom and NPT hub connections in the ends of the track pan. Both the center pan, model CPO and the...

  • Haz-Hammock - 1st Response Collector Pouch

    Haz-Hammock - 1st Response Collector Pouch

    Haz-Hammock is an emergency response containment pouch that can be quickly attached to a leaking tanker truck or tank car. This 55 gallon capacity, polypropylene “bathtub” shaped poly-pouch is designed to handle acids, caustics, solvents, and fuels for many hours. The Haz-Hammock weighs only 15 lbs. and comes equipped with poly drain valve and 3/4″ NPT fitting and poly belts or ropes for quick mounting. This strap-on design allows...

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  • TESI - Locomotive Refueling Side Spill Pan

    TESI - Locomotive Refueling Side Spill Pan

    The TESI Locomotive Refueling Side Spill Pan is a 60-inch by 22-inch by 6-inch portable pan that can be positioned by one railroad worker and used for locomotive refueling. It has a 9-inch and a 14-inch flap that hug the fuel tank of the locomotive during refueling to help catch fuel rundown. These flaps close to keep rainwater out of the pan when not in use. This fiberglass pan weighs only 65 lbs. and it can be equipped with two wheels on one end for...

  • Truck Drive-Over/Tank Car Dual Use Spill Containment Pans

    Truck Drive-Over/Tank Car Dual Use Spill Containment Pans

    This 20 ft. by 9′ 8″ wide I.D. steel containment pan can be transported via a flat bed truck to nearly any location. When installed on compacted soil or gravel, large tanker trucks or even lug wheeled or tracked off-road equipment can be driven into this containment for refueling, temporary parking or for vehicle decontamination before it leaves a field remediation site. Unique, drop-down tailgates at either end or both ends allows for...

  • Drive-over Railroad Track Containment Pans

    Drive-over Railroad Track Containment Pans

    In some industrial applications, a rail tankcar loading rack may also be used for tanker truck loading. The standard Full Closeable Collector System and the Closeable Center System can be modified and reinforced to allow tanker trucks to...

  • TESI - Parking Area Drainage “Cut-Off” Gates

    TESI - Parking Area Drainage “Cut-Off” Gates

    TESI has developed a “sluice” gate that comes in two sizes that can be installed in either the concrete poured walls or asphalt curbing around your tanker truck parking area. These either 12″ wide by 6″ deep or 18″ wide by 12″ deep models are manufactured with small wires extruding from the steel frame for embedding in your curb material. The removable gate is 1/4″ plate steel that can be galvanized or coated...