TransReg is an independent management and organizational sustainability consulting firm. Taking a holistic system approach, we assist organizations of various sectors, scales, and complexity in developing, establishing, advancing and internalizing sustainable management practices focusing on organizational carbon footprint management, energy performance improvement and supply chain efficiency. Integrated System Management , Management System Development and Deployment, System Performance, provement, Specialized Management Training, Enterprise Risk Assessment, Project Management, Regulatory and Compliance Assurance, Business Sustainability, Sustainable Event Management, Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Energy Performance Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Supply Chain Monitoring and Development, Enterprise Sustainability. You’ve Got Carbons… and We’ve Got the Solution!

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Consulting firm
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Bamboo – one of the fastest growing plants on Earth – retains its tensile strength better than steel and it has profoundly advanced human civilization for thousands of years.
Bamboo was the most prevalent writing medium before the invention of paper; it was the filament in Edison’s first incandescent lamp; it was the phonographic needle in Bell’s first music player; and it was the frame of the first engine-powered aircraft.  

Today, Bamboo is one of the most versatile renewable materials and biofuels in the new millennium… Bamboo embodies sustainability.  

How can you develop your business as swiftly as bamboo flourishes, shape your business as resiliently as bamboo stands, and advance your business as sustainably as bamboo thrives?

TransReg LLC (TransReg) is an integrated sustainability consulting firm whose associates have accumulated years of practical industrial experience in disciplines that are critical in formulating and implementing organizational sustainability strategies.  These include:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventory and reduction
  • Energy audit and performance assessment
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Water conservations
  • Green building design
  • Workplace health and safety compliance
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Corporate social responsibility

TransReg designs, develops, and deploys pragmatic management solutions that help companies to holistically minimize undesirable environmental impacts, social consequences and other risks while maximizing operational efficiencies and financial returns.

  • First Do No Harm    
  • Next Do Only Lasting Good    
  • Finally Do with Vigor and Innovation    


At TransReg, we view that our existence is rooted in our Core Values and the fundamental objective to develop and realize innovative products and services assisting our clients and all those who embark on the journey toward sustainable development.


Our mission is to enable organizations to excel with progressing sustainability maturity by designing, developing and delivering a comprehensive management system platform that proactively manages business risks and continually improve organizational performance.

  • Carbon Footprint & Greenhouse Gas Reduction
  • Energy Performance Monitoring & Management    
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Management & Reporting    
  • Supply Chain Performance Monitoring & Development    
  • Sustainability Initiative Development & Deployment
  • Management System Design, Development & Deployment    
  • Gap Assessment & Performance Improvement    
  • Organizational Training & Knowledge Preservation    
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment    
  • Project Management    
  • Regulatory Compliance Assurance