TRG Components Direct is a leading independent and stocking distributor for semiconductors, electronic components, and computer products. We serve leading original equipment and contract manufacturers, as well as distributors and resellers by leveraging more than 45 years experience. TRG Components Direct partners with unique and best-of-class suppliers to provide in-depth products, tools and support to its customers and with over 45 years of market-leading experience and our dedication to excellence in customer service is what makes us the best international components source.

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5801 Lee Highway , Arlington , Virginia 22207 USA

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Electronics and Computers
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Globally (various continents)

TRG Components Direct is a service-oriented company built on strong customer and supplier relationships. Our inventory management and market intelligence assist customers in controlling materials costs, in reducing cycle times and in keeping pace with rapidly occurring technological developments.

We put the world’s latest technology within your grasp by providing current and future market intelligence. Our components market experiences, along with our professional staff, are what make TRG Components Direct second to none and, therefore, your distributor of choice.

The Republic Group’s Electronic Components Division (TRG Components Direct) has been a leader in sales and distribution of electronic components, systems and products for over 45 years. We strive to build lasting relationships by offering a unique blend of products and services.

TRG Components Direct is committed to bridging the ever-widening gap between supplier and end-user. By analyzing the unique needs of our clients, we now offer leading-edge products aimed at target applications found within all of the global market segments.

Given the increasingly global nature of the marketplace, TRG Components Direct will continually seek new products and technologies that offer value and performance. Our Supply Chain Management programs — services enable customers to reduce their total cost of acquisition, possession and application.

TRG Components Direct has its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, about 10 minutes from Washington DC. Since 1958, TRG has served the international marketplace, having twice won The President’s Award for Excellence in Export.

We’re proud to offer our customers, and vendor partners alike, service and experience that has been the TRG way since our founding in 1958. For more information, contact us:

TRG Components Direct maintains the highest quality standards in the industry. “Quality in, Quality out”is our unique quality control system which includes vendor management and screening, advanced quality control with visual and testing procedures. TRG Components Direct is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of material handling, quality control, and traceability to meet our customers' requirements, specifications, and quality standards.