Tri-Mer Corporation is a technology leader in air pollution control. The UltraCat Catalytic Filtration System controls particulate PM, HCl, SO2 and NOx. This hot gas filtration (operation is up to 1650°F) system captures particulate to extremely low levels, including submicron and ultrafine PM. Typical PM removal to less than 0.001 grains/dscf (2 mg/Nm3). For acid gas removal, the system incorporates dry sorbent injection for very efficient dry scrubbing. The UltraCat System provides high NOx removal at the exhaust stack at temperatures as low as 350°F, simultaneously with high PM, SO2 and HCl removal. For lower temps Cloud Chamber Scrubber (CCS) treats PM2.5, submicron, and condensable particulate. Simultaneously, soluble acid and caustic gases are removed at levels greater than 99%. Also offered, a Tri-NOx system for wet NOx scrubbing, and WhirlWet all-mechanical dust collector system, which provide efficiencies in the 99% range for particulate greater than 3 micron.

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1400 Monroe Street - P.O. Box 730 , Owosso , MI 48867 USA

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for agricultural applications.
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Tri-Mer Corporation, established in 1960 and headquartered in Owosso, MI, is a technology company specializing in advanced air pollution control systems. Tri-Mer is also a highly respected for the breadth and scope of its R&D programs. These programs have yielded several groundbreaking developments, including two for the cost-effective control of multiple-contaminant emission streams.

Tri-Mer's UltraCat Catalyst filters remove both particulate and NOx at temperatures between 350ºF and 700ºF. Tri-Mer's Cloud Chamber System (CCS) treats PM2.5, fine, submicron, ultrafine, and condensable particulate, as well as PM10, while simultaneously wet scrubbing soluble gases. Both systems provide efficiencies in the range of 99%.

For NOx removal, Tri-Mer offers two distinctive solutions, both with exceptional track records. A version of the UltraCat system, with embedded catalyst filter elements, provides NOx removal above 90%, alongside very high dioxin removal. The Tri-NOx Multi-Chem system accommodates any combination of NO and NO2, and guarantees a clear stack.

Other Tri-Mer technologies include the Crossflow for the scrubbing of virtually all inorganic compounds, the VF Packed Bed Scrubber for the highest loadings of fumes and gases, and the Whirl Wet dust collector, one of industry's most time-proven solutions for dusts over 3 microns.