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  • Sustainability & Environmental Management

    Business is operating in a climate of increasingly complex environmental regulations, emerging international issues, and pressure by external stakeholders for transparency in financial and environmental reporting. In this climate, it is essential that companies develop environmental management practices backed by organizational commitment and driven by performance evaluation and continual improvement. Proactive environmental management systems can add value to the corporate bottom line by enhan

  • Climate Change Services

    Climate Change Services

    The accumulation of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the Earth’s atmosphere, created primarily through fossil fuel combustion, has resulted in global climate change, or global warming. With the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol and the development of regional GHG emissions trading schemes and voluntary registry programs in the United States, multi-national companies will potentially operate under a number of complex and dissimilar programs.

  • EMS/ISO 14001 Support

    EMS/ISO 14001 Support

    ISO 14000 is an internationally recognized environmental management standard with its origins in sustainable development. While not for everyone, ISO 14001 certification may be appropriate for multi-national organizations or for those being required to obtain certification by their customers (e.g. suppliers to IBM, Ford, and GM). It may also provide a strategic business advantage for companies attempting to enter new markets or promote a record of...

  • By-Product Synergy Services

    By-Product Synergy Services

    In its most typical scenario, the By-Product Synergy (BPS) program brings together companies from diverse industries with dissimilar production processes to explore ways to convert by-products from one company into useful materials for another. Trinity provides a forum in which companies can meet, evaluates their inputs and outputs, and assists in identifying mutually beneficial synergies between organizations. A distinct advantage of the BPS program is...

  • Due Diligence Analysis

    Due Diligence Analysis

    Our staff has performed due diligence analyses for industrial clients, financial institutions, and law firms as representatives of the buyer or seller during asset transfers. Trinity can design a due diligence program that can enhance the value of your transaction. Trinity understands that the purpose of conducting due diligence analyses is to minimize business and environmental risk.

  • Environmental Outsourcing

    Environmental Outsourcing

    Many industrial facilities with limited environmental compliance requirements have chosen not to dedicate existing staff or hire new staff to manage environmental compliance activities. Reasons include the substantial cost associated with having dedicated environmental compliance staff and the significant liability associated with assigning environmental compliance—a highly complex and continually evolving area—to staff members that may...