Triple R Waste Management

Triple R Waste Management

Triple R Solutions are one of the largest Recycling companies that offer innovative recycling and resource recovery management services in Melbourne. We are specialized in providing recycling services of waste materials like liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, recycling, industrial cleaning and process maintenance, onsite waste processing, and recovery and disposal for both the public as well as private sectors.Our dedicated and skilled staff members offer quick, yet quality assured waste management services to our customers from the industrial, commercial and governmental sectors. Our colossal experience in waste management and recycling has driven our ambition and vision thus encouraging us to offer our services nation-wide. Being an experienced and competent Melbourne Recycler, Triple R solutions contributes immensely to save the environment by recycling waste materials and converting them into entirely new and useful products.

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PO Box 1278 , Narre Warren , VIC 3805 Australia
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Service provider
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Waste Management
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Internationally (various countries)

Being a professional recycle company in Melbourne, our primary objective is to minimize the amount of landfill and maximize the amount recycled. This is achieved by offering our customers with reliable, affordable, and responsible waste disposal solutions. This objective is the pillar that our success and reputation rests upon, it differentiates us from our competitors hence why we are considered one of the best recycling companies in Australia.

Our services encourage people to be mindful of the environment and to make a conscious effort to recycle. We urge customers in the Metropolitan areas of Melbourne as well as surrounding areas to invest in Triple R Solutions as we are equipped with the latest equipment, advanced machinery and heavy-duty vehicles. Being a professional Recycle Company in Melbourne, we are committed to our customers and are determined to provide them with the most comprehensive, on-time, and quality assured services at affordable rates.

In addition to this, we provide removal services of scrap and trash from all local sites. If you are looking for a reliable Melbourne Recycler, then you need not see beyond Triple R Solutions. All you need to do is to give us a call and our management team will address your needs – providing the most suitable solutions in accordance to your requirements.

We are looking forward to your kind contribution and support as it helps us continue to achieve our mission. We hope to continue to implement solutions that encourage environmental sustainability and waste reduction.

Our aim is to be Number #1 in commitment to the environment and a leader in Construction & Refurbishment Waste Minimisation.An initiative of ours is the Recovery Bin; we supply to you the required amount of designated bins to suit your need on site. The on-site workers are instructed to place the appropriate items within the designated bins. Your on-site representative then contacts our office and requests the appropriate exchange of full bins for empty bins.

Triple R Solutions is an innovative business specifically created to manage waste from the Building & Refurbishment Industry. Since its conception we have kept pace with market and increasing adherence to recycling. Our commitment to the environment is paramount, pursuing the need for greater involvement in recycling and re-use of products and materials usually disposed of to landfill. We aim to minimize the amount to landfill and maximize the amount recycled, to provide our clients with affordable, reliable and responsible waste disposal solutions.

“Is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Triple R Solutions holds sustainability as a core value, we constantly adapt to current economic, social and environmental conditions to ensure the long term viability of the workplace, community and our planet, our purpose is to recycle and re-market recovered materials.