Triplepoint Water Technologies LLC

Triplepoint Water Technologies LLC develops revolutionary water and wastewater treatment systems which focus on providing efficient, sustainable and environmental solutions for the wastewater and pond management industries.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

Triplepoint was born from over 30 years of wastewater engineering experience. Well before energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and sustainability became industry buzz words, what has now become known as Triplepoint Water Technologies, was testing and developing next generation aeration technology. By focusing on developing engineered and practical solutions the MARS Aeration System has now arrived on the stage as an industry leading, next generation aeration system. As a result, Triplepoint is able to provide solutions for:

Wastewater Industry
Rising energy costs, ailing infrastructure and increasing demand has placed pressure on the wastewater treatment utilities. By utilising the MARS Aeration System, with patented Double Bubble Technology™, Triplepoint Water Technologies is capable of solving these problems:

  • Rehabilitate existing aeration systems without dewatering or downtime and increase efficiency by as much as 50%.
  • Expand wastewater treatment facilities by adding MARS units without downtime, dewatering or costly new construction.
  • Treat wastewater in practically any aeration treatment application by simply dropping the unit where it is needed.

Pond Management Industry
MARS Aeration is not only the most cost-efficient pond management solution in the long term, but it is also the solution that is superior to any other – because it creates aesthetically beautiful pond ecosystems that the community wants to be around, not just ponds that do not have algae on them!

Triplepoint Water Technologies is in the process of building an advisory board. Triplepoint has appointed Joseph Dahleen as an advisor, more appointments will be made shortly.

With hundreds of installation worldwide, Triplepoint is an innovative leader within the wastewater treatment industry that fosters collaborative relationships with its customers. With steadfast belief in the philosophy that People are more important than Profit, we pledge to provide you with the most authentic, long-term solution available. These solutions are built on the shoulders of more than 30 years of professional wastewater engineering experience. We don't just sell products - we provide solutions.