Troy Acoustics Corporation providers of the Troy Sound Wall Systems. The Troy System is the only PATENTED, CERTIFIED, STANDARDIZED sound attenuation wall systems in the world. The systems cost less per square foot, install quickly and easily and provide the highest acoustical ratings in the world. The Troy System also provides the highest thermal protection. The building will use less energy for cooling or heating. Maintenance of a comfortable temperature level will be achieved more efficiently,

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2580 Sidney Lanier Drive , Brunswick , GA 31525 USA

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Health and Safety - Noise and Vibration
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Globally (various continents)

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Troy Acoustics Corporation (TAC) was incorporated in 2004 and our company founder, Bill Bergiadis, developed and patented the highest-rated sound-wall system in the world. Our sound-wall designs, products and installations have been utilized by the Broadcasting Industry, the U.S. Government and many other entities requiring a noise-free operating environment. Troy Products and The Troy System provide a simple solution for complex noise problems for isolation and reverberation control.

Troy Acoustics engineer our design solutions into seven main categories and have a proven track record of performance for shooting ranges, highway noise barriers, broadcasting and film production facilities, sports facilities, animal shelters, general industry applications and other specialized applications.

The Troy System has received a 72 STC, the highest sound transmission class rating of any known acoustical product in the industry, a result of testing by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory. Our products are Underwriter Laboratories tested and rated with a two-hour fire rating and as a benefit, we have received an R factor of 5-per-inch of the Troy System. Troy Acoustics is a global company and is proud to provide the best noise-abatement products and designs for your specialized requirements.