Trunz Water Systems AG

Trunz Water Systems AG

Trunz Water Systems AG is located in Steinach/Switzerland. The company develops, manufactures and distributes independent water treatment and desalination systems worldwide. Our vision is to provide solutions for clean drinking water problems in remote areas, small communities, schools, clinics or disaster relief. Up to now, the Trunz Water Systems have been operating in 30 countries. In cooperation with our suppliers the Trunz Water Systems are continously further developed in order to provide solutions for todays and future needs as well as for different applications.

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Ahornstrasse 1 , Steinach , CH-9323 Switzerland
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The company belongs to the Trunz Group which manufactures the water treatment and desalination systems in Steinach/Switzerland. Trunz Group was originally founded in 1972 and today operates out of three different locations all based in Switzerland supplying to the machine, car and construction industries alike. With production floors totalling 10'000 m2 the ISO certified Trunz group has modern, high-tech factories with robotic systems and fully automatic laser cutting equipment at their disposal and stands for best Swiss quality.

The biggest challenge on our planet is providing people with access to clean drinking water.

Lots of fresh water deposits contain disease-inducing substances, such as viruses, bacteria or chemicals. A fact that has profound consequences for the health of those people involved.

Trunz Water Systems has converted the vision of a simple self-sufficient water treatment system into practice. The mobile, independent water treatment and water desalination systems are powered using integrated photovoltaics and wind generators. This means that there are virtually no boundaries to using this system anywhere in the world.

Foundation of an installation company for ventilation and air conditioning, Wittenbach

New building for production and office, Wittenbach

Building up of sector laser technology

Take over of coachwork body metal forming, Saurer Arbon

Foundation of air duct system, Langenthal

Relocation metal technology to Arbon, second development Wittenbach

Development and Marketing of the trunz.collection. Exclusive design-furniture from metal.

Extension operation in Wittenbach

Foundation of Trunz AG, automotive / take over part production NAW (Daimler Chrysler). Beginning of development and distribution of Trunz Water Technology

Foundation of Trunz Water Systems AG, Arbon

Opening Trunz Technologie Center in Steinach.

Opening of Trunz Office in Panama