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  • TSI - Combustion Gas Analyzers

    TSI offers a full line of combustion gas analyzers, from our single gas monitors to our full-featured emissions analyzers. They are used for maintaining combustion systems, compliance monitoring, engine research and monitoring, combustion research and industrial emission sampling. For additional information, follow one or more of the links below.

  • TSI  CA-CALC - Emissions Analyzers

    TSI CA-CALC - Emissions Analyzers

    The Series 6300 CA-CALC Compliance Protocol Exhaust Emissions Analyzers guide consultants and boiler service professionals through each step of the CTM-34 test protocol, provide mass emissions calculations of exhaust emissions and print reports on site. These features streamline the testing process so the user can complete periodic combustion testing quickly and with ensured accuracy. Additional CA-6300 features include TSI's innovative sample...

  • TSI CA-CALC - Multi-Gas Combustion Analyzers

    TSI CA-CALC - Multi-Gas Combustion Analyzers

    TSI's Series CA-6200 CA-CALC Multi-gas Combustion Analyzers are rugged, fast-response, easy-to-use instruments ideal for tuning burners for maximum efficiency and safety on large industrial systems to commercial systems. They have advanced features including a graphic display with all data on a single screen, eliminating the need to set-up or scroll through data.

  • CA-CALC - Single Gas Monitors

    CA-CALC - Single Gas Monitors

    TSI's Series CA-6000 CA-CALC Single Gas Monitors are ideal exhaust gas analyzers for residential to commercial service technicians and safety inspectors measuring combustion exhaust gases. These exhaust gas analyzers are used to make direct and ambient exhaust gas measurements for tuning and preventative. Plant engineers and maintenance professionals can check critical exhaust gas concentrations on combustion systems as part of a program. CA-CALC...

  • TSI  CA-CALC - Three Gas Combustion Analyzers

    TSI CA-CALC - Three Gas Combustion Analyzers

    TSI's CA-6203 CA-CALC Combustion Analyzer is a practical tool for boiler maintenance professionals who measure flue gases to tune standard burners and low NOx burners for safe, efficient operation. Real-time data easily viewed on the extra-large 3-line LCD display. Factory-set fuels and user-defined fuels provide fast setup and flexibility for use with common fuels like natural gas to bio-fuels.

  • TSI  CA-CALC - Two Gas Combustion Analyzers

    TSI CA-CALC - Two Gas Combustion Analyzers

    TSI's Series CA-6100 CA-CALC Combustion Analyzers are ideal tools for maintenance technicians and boiler services professionals to use when monitoring or performing service on light commercial and residential systems. These analyzers provide real-time tuning data, minimizing time spent on service calls when compared to hand-aspirated analyzers, subjective “tubes,” and “dumbbells.”