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  • Exposure Monitoring

    TSI manufactures a variety of exposure monitoring instruments for measuring airborne dust and aerosol mass concentrations and instruments for measuring or monitoring gas concentrations in industrial settings. These include the SIDEPAK™ Personal Sampling Pumps and accessories, SIDEPAK Personal Aerosol Monitors, DUSTTRAK™ Aerosol Monitors and RESPICON™ Particle Samplers. They also include high concentration INSPECTAIR™ CO2 Monitors and primary calibrators for exposure monitoring. A new area of oc

  • AEROTRAK - Model 9000 - Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor

    AEROTRAK - Model 9000 - Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor

    The AEROTRAK™ 9000 Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor indicates the surface area of nanoparticle aerosols that deposit in the lung, corresponding to the ICRP lung deposition curves for the tracheobronchial (TB) and alveolar (A) regions of the human respiratory tract. The AEROTRAK™ 9000 monitor is a portable, battery-operated diffusion charger + electrometer with real-time surface area concentration readout and data logging capability.

  • CPC Model 3007

    CPC Model 3007

    Model 3007 is one of our smallest Condensation Particle Counters. At only 3.8 pounds, it provides versatility not common with larger particle counters. Yet it offers a surprising list of performance features. Like a particle size range of 0.01 to greater than 1.0 µm, a concentration range of 0 to 100,000 particles/cm3, an LCD display, and a built-in RS-232 serial data port. Plus, it operates on alkaline batteries and includes programmable data logging.

  • DustTrak - Aerosol Monitor

    DustTrak - Aerosol Monitor

    The DUSTTRAK™ Aerosol Monitor is a portable, battery-operated laser photometer with real-time mass concentration readout and data logging capability. The monitor provides reliable exposure assessment by measuring particle concentrations corresponding to respirable size, PM10, PM2.5 or PM1.0 size fractions.

  • INSPECTAIR CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor

    INSPECTAIR CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor

    The INSPECTAIR™-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor is a compact, hand-held instrument which accurately measures carbon dioxide concentrations over a wide range. High precision, repeatable and reliable measurements up to concentrations of 5 percent (50,000 ppm) CO2 are attained using our proven Non-Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR) sensor technology. Unlike electrochemical devices and detector tubes, this sensor never needs replacing for the life of the instrument.

  • Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitor

    Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitor

    The Model 3550 Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitor measures the human lung-deposited surface area of particles (reported as µm2/cm3) corresponding to tracheobronchial (TB) and alveolar (A) regions of the lung. The Model 3550 provides a simple and fast solution for measuring the surface area equivalent dose in the lung. The Model 3550 is an important instrument for research in the fields of inhalation toxicology, health effects and epidemiology, and for...

  • P-TRAK (IH) - Ultrafine Particle Counter

    P-TRAK (IH) - Ultrafine Particle Counter

    TSI’s P-Trak® Ultrafine Particle Counter offers a new tool for industrial hygiene and exposure monitoring investigations. Using Condensation Particle Counting (CPC) technology, this portable instrument detects and counts ultrafine and nanoparticles.

  • RESPICON Particle Sampler

    RESPICON Particle Sampler

    The RESPICON™ Particle Sampler is a lightweight, compact device for measuring human exposure to airborne particle concentrations in the workplace. The RESPICON uses a single sampling head to model the human respiratory tract and simultaneously determine the three most critical particle fractions: inhalable, thoracic, and respirable. These three size fractions represent the size of particles that can penetrate progressively deeper into the respiratory...

  • SIDEPAK - Model AM510 - Personal Aerosol Monitor

    SIDEPAK - Model AM510 - Personal Aerosol Monitor

    The SIDEPAK™ AM510 Personal Aerosol Monitor is a rugged, lightweight, belt mounted laser photometer, weighing as little as 16 oz. It is compact and quiet, minimizing interference and worker discomfort. The built-in sampling pump lets you attach a wide variety of size-selective inlet conditioners for worker breathing zone or area measurements with a respirable cyclone or one of the three integrated impactors. The AM510 comes with TSI's Smart Battery...

  • SIDEPAK Personal Sampling Pumps

    SIDEPAK Personal Sampling Pumps

    The 3 and 5 L/min SIDEPAK™ Personal Sampling Pumps weigh as little as 16 oz. All models offer TSI's Smart Battery Management System™ with long-running NiMH or alkaline battery packs and provides precise run time information in minutes remaining. All SIDEPAK pumps are intrinsically safe and ideal for the sampling of aerosols, gases and vapors in hazardous environments.

  • DUSTTRAK Environmental Enclosure

    DUSTTRAK Environmental Enclosure

    The weatherproof Environmental Enclosure protects the DUSTTRAK™ Aerosol Monitor when used outdoors and in harsh industrial environments. Primarily used in outdoor settings, the wind- and rain-proof enclosure features an extended-life battery for long-term unattended sampling. The Environmental Enclosure comes with an omni-directional sampling inlet specifically designed to sample efficiently in a broad range of wind conditions. The inlet on the enclosure...

  • Primary Calibrators

    Primary Calibrators

    TSI offers the Model 4146 and Model 4046 Primary Calibrators. These portable, battery-operated units are lightweight and easy to use. Volumetric flow rate. is displayed continuously so adjustments to pump flow can be made in real-time. These primary calibrators are accurate to 2% of reading.