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Tuffa UK Limited

Tuffa UK is a well established business offering a personable and professional service, whilst having the commitment and resources to go the extra mile for our customers. Tuffa are proud of their in house quality system and after-sales service. The Managing Director, who has engineering skills to develop products and manufacturing processes, has over 25 years experience in liquid storage and dispensing equipment, and TUFFA UK is the leading innovator in tank manufacturing, a forward thinking market leader in product design and future technology to assist industry and the consumer.

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Dovefields Industrial Estate, Derby Road , Uttoxeter , Staffordshire ST14 8SW United Kingdom

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Water and Wastewater - Water Storage
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Globally (various continents)

Tuffa UK Ltd is an industry leader and a trusted tank manufacturer. Offering liquid storage solutions for every purpose and every kind of liquid, we pride ourselves on innovative design and quality products.

The factory is in central England, United Kingdom and is therefore logistically very well located with excellent transport links.

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We can provide liquid storage from 1,350 to 100,000 litres and our equipment enables us to produce the largest roto-moulded tank on the market of 20,000 litres in a single unit. The design of the tank enables it to be interlinked up to 100,000 litres for maximum storage for any type of bulk liquid storage and equipment depending on the application, including Tank Farms.

Tuffa Tanks are designed in the interest of pollution control. They comply with Environmental Agency Guidelines, and are manufactured to the new European Standards, and depending on the application, Building Regulations. The Fire Protection range of tanks has Local Authority Building Control (LABC) system approval for domestic and non domestic applications up to 60,000 litres with up to 2 hour Fire Protection.

The TUFFA ® range of products is quite diverse which sets it apart from its competitors as we can manufacture bespoke items to clients specifications, and offer technical support and advice to customers. Our after sales service is also second to none and we have a comprehensive sales team covering the UK. Please contact us now to see how we can help with your liquid storage requirements.

Tailor-made Liquid Storage Tanks

Liquid of all kinds can require storage that is secure and ensures that environmental standards are followed. Tuffa UK specialise in the design and manufacture of storage tanks tailor-made for the product to be stored, the method of dispensing and the site conditions. Tuffa’s customers have made good use of its high specification capabilities to meet the most challenging tasks.

Working from a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Tuffa can provide a tank solution that matches the characteristics of the product. Tanks can be roto-moulded with capacities in single tanks up to 20,000 litres and can be interlinked for a larger capacity. The design specification can also include fitment of a variety of types of equipment & fire rated options. Tanks can be bunded and include fire protection which can make them suitable for installation where an unprotected tank would not meet Building Regulations.

In addition to moulded tanks Tuffa can provide tanks in steel, including stainless steel, where the contents present severe corrosion challenges, these are particularly suitable in the chemical sector. Tuffa also manufactures a combined plastic and steel tank giving greater protection on sites where security or vandalism may be a threat.

Features that can be built into the tank’s design to add to safety and ease of use include Armco barriers, lockable access, product metering management and for hazardous sites, steel shielding to protect the tank from site damage. Tanks can even be coloured to match site requirements or to clearly denote their contents. Other features can include remote stock control management and Tuffa is the first company to introduce an iphone app for this purpose, and other modern day technology.

Recent applications where Tuffa has met exacting requirements include the storage of de-icing additives for use on aircraft, storage of chemicals for use on major construction sites, including the London Olympic complex, and chemicals required for train washing. The National Trust that has exacting requirements for heating oil tanks for its properties and specified bespoke tanks with the TUFFA fire protection included. Oil companies introducing new additives to the oil storage market that require specialised storage and dispensing features, even a television recording set of a well known soap opera have all taken advantage of Tuffa' expertise.

Browse our website and you will find a vast selection of liquid and oil tank storage products, including plastic oil tank solutions and steel tanks of which each product has been engineered with pollution control in mind. Tuffa was the first company to introduce submersible pumps in it’s tanks which are a hugely successful and sustainable system.

Whatever your industry or sector, we can help you with steel tanks and plastic oil tank solutions. We’ve worked with national and international clients, including oil companies, factories & shops, offices, local government, the transport sector, schools & universities, hospitals, farms and agriculture, charitable organisations, churches & historic buildings, water authorities & grounds maintenance, and many others.