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  • Grit Extraction

  • Tuke & Bell - Crossflow Grit Detritor

    Tuke & Bell - Crossflow Grit Detritor

    Influent first enters the collection tank through baffles to slow down the flow and assist grit settlement. The tank is capable of handling a wide range of flow variation. A rotary scraping mechanism, driven from the centre of the tank, moves settled grit through a discharge point located at the side of the collection tank. From here the grit is discharged to a grit classifier system by means of gravity or by pumping.

  • Tuke & Bell - Rake Classifier

    Tuke & Bell - Rake Classifier

    The Tuke & Bell Rake Classifier is a multiple-rake reciprocating mechanism, mounted within a cleaning channel, which is a narrow, continuously sloping ramp. The reciprocating action moves the grit, up the ramp towards a discharge point above top water level. At this point the grit is free of water, which assists easy and efficient disposal, and free of organic matter caused by the washing action of the reciprocating rakes.

  • Tuke Bell Vortex - Grit Trap

    Tuke Bell Vortex - Grit Trap

    The Tuke and Bell Vortex Grit Trap works on the retention, constant velocity and forced vortex principles. A specially designed Paddle rotates in the same direction as the sewage providing a constant velocity of flow. A spiralling flow is created by the paddles to keep organic material in suspension and also creates a vortex in the lower half of the chamber to draw grit particles down to the centre hopper ready for collection. In order to clean and...