Turbo4bio International is a global specialist in wastewater treatment systems. In addition to our own proprietary T4b process, we also provide a complete range of integrated technologies, equipment and services for our municipal and industrial customers in the water industry. This has now developed into a commercially proven technology with numerous Turbo4bio installations working successfully worldwide with trouble free operation.

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Frasire 2 , Aye , 6900 Belgium
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Worldwide, only 2.5% of all water is fresh-water and nearly 90% thereof is not immediately available as stored in glaciers and polar ice-caps or in deep aquifers. Of all available, unevenly distributed, fresh water, 70% is already being used on a global scale today and much of it is polluted beyond human use.

Further growth of the world population and of industrial development will push both the global water footprint and the need for fresh water as its availability threatens to diminish.

Consequently, there is a growing need for sustainable water management and for recycling all types of industrial and domestic waste water back into the fresh water circuit, a challenge for future generations in which Turbo4bio hopes to play a major part.

Turbo4bio seeks to distinguish itself, in helping decision makers and managers by offering a broad range of proprietary and specialist techniques, required for ‘online water treatment’ in large municipal installations, for instance. Be it new or to be retrofitted, expanded and upgraded facilities, while always reducing their carbon and water foot print. Further it aims food, beverage, pharmaceutical and non-ferrous industries.

Turbo4bio can rely on the strong support of its international partners in terms of presence, networking and experience.

Turbo4bio aims at long-term water treatment systems and 24/7 maintenance services. The company also offers all-in packages that cover every step from design, development and implementation to long term maintenance and financing.

The Turbo4bio was developed in the early 1990′s using partially European funding to find a low cost sustainable solution for sewage treatment plants with minimal sludge yields and ease of maintenance.  This has now developed into a commercially proven technology with numerous Turbo4bio installations working successfully worldwide with trouble free operation.

The Turbo4bio proprietary system has been designed and continuously improved by Dr. Hans Badreddine, T4b’s president.

Turbo4bio management has over 75 years combined general water treatment experience and especially in the fields of membrane technology and bioremediation.

Thanks to this vast experience and biological know-how we have developed an advanced, condensed, competitive and thus superior MBBR technology, ‘T4b-MBBR’.


Our Mission Statement:

  • Protecting our environment
  • Serving our customers
  • Enhancing our communities

Our Vision Statement

Turbo4bio seeks to be internationally respected and recognized for excellence in:

  • Water quality
  • Customer service and satisfaction
  • Responsible and sustainable use of resource
    • Natural
    • Human
    • Financial

Our Goal and Role
The goal of wastewater treatment in any community is to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and to protect the environment for human and aquatic life. Before modern methods of wastewater treatment were introduced, the spread of life-threatening diseases was common in most communities across the world. T4b’s role is to help ensure that our streams, rivers and lakes are free from disease-causing bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the public health.

T4b ’s green technology also wants to stop the growing sludge burden.

As we learn more about the importance of protecting our natural resources, state of the art wastewater treatment as T4b’s becomes an obvious defense against water pollution and a warrant for safe water re-use.