With more than 4,000 people working in 28 countries, Turck has built global partnerships with customers based on engineering expertise, flexibility, and our willingness to take on engineering challenges that others will not. As a specialist in sensor, fieldbus, and connectivity - as well as interface technology, human-machine interfaces (HMI), and RFID systems - Turck offers efficient solutions for factory and process automation applications. With our state-of-the-art production facilities in Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Mexico, and China, our family-owned company is able to react quickly and flexibly to the demands of local markets.

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Turck’s products and automation solutions increase the availability and efficiency of your systems, whether they are applied in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, transport and handling, food and packaging, or in-machine and plant construction. Through intensive dialog with customers, we are able to pair industry-specific knowledge with electronics development and production of the highest level to ensure optimal solutions for all of your automation challenges.

At Turck, we know you need more than just a product. You need the answer to your problem, precisely optimized to deliver the durability, functionality, and performance that your application demands; nothing more, nothing less. Confidence is the ultimate outcome, and that is what you get from a partnership with Turck.

Turck’s philosophy is simple: We want to develop the best for our customers – promptly, reliably and flexibly!

Turck has a reputation for high quality sensors, distributed I/O, and connectivity solutions. Responding to the expanding needs of our customers, Turck’s offering has grown to include identification, safety barriers, isolators, machine safety, industrial controls, and system solutions. We dedicate ourselves to finding the optimal engineered solution for every application, no matter the challenge. With manufacturing sites in Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Mexico and China -- all using the most up to date processes -- Turck makes sure that you get what you need, when you need it, wherever you may be.

In the 1960’s, Hans and Werner Turck set out to explore the possibilities of automating production processes by using non-contact electronic components. It didn’t take long for Turck to grow from a modest upstart into a global producer in non-contact proximity sensors, flow monitors, molded cordsets and connectors, interface products and RFID technology. Turck maintains its global presence with over 4,000 employees in 28 countries, with worldwide headquarters in Germany.

1960: March 31st, Hans Turck Opens an Engineering Office
Hans Turck opens an engineering office named 'Ingerierubuero Hans Turck' (Engineering Office of Hans Turck).

1965: Manufacturing in a Shed
Werner Turck starts manufacturing switching amplifiers and proximity sensors in a shed. Hans Turck starts selling products to German customers.

1970: Hans Turck KG and Werner Turck KG Founded
The two brothers register their companies separately; Hans Turck KG, and Werner Turck KG. Originally work was done in a shed, with lab and engineering on a pigeon loft.

1972: Turck Moves Into New Building in Halver, Germany
Werner Turck KG moves into a new building in Halver, Germany with 50 employees.

1974: Turck's Multi-Prox Sensor Invented
Turck’s Multi-Prox sensor invented. It was also at this time that Turck began making its products yellow to help them stand out and show confidence in its products.

1975: Mulheim Building Opens
Hans Turck KG building in Mulheim opens.

1975: Turck Expands to the United States
Turck expands to the United States and opens an office in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1978: Turck Expands Product Offering
Turck has 170 employees in Halver. Turck begins offering more products including proximity sensors, AC/DC proximity switches, and products for rotation and speed monitoring.

1979: New Halver Building
New production and administration building in Halver with 2,800 square meters of space.

1990: Turck Office Opens After Reunification
After reunification of Germany, Turck opens Turck GmbH with production, R&D and sales in the east part of Germany.

1994: Turck Holding is Founded
Turck Holding is founded, combining Werner Turck GmbH and Hans Turck GmbH under one roof.

1996: MInnesota Production Facility
Production facility built in Plymouth, Minnesota with 78,000 square feet.

2001: Turck Mexico Founded
Turck Mexico founded with production facility of over 28,000 square feet.

2010: Turck Mexico Expansion
Turck Mexico expands to a building with 65,000 square feet.

2012: New Production Facility at Turck USA
Turck USA’s production facility expands with an addition of over 49,000 square feet.