Two Tomorrows Group Ltd.

Two Tomorrows Group Ltd.

Two Tomorrows Group Ltd. is a world-leading sustainability consultancy formed by the merger of pioneering CSR and sustainability firms csrnetwork and Sd3 in January 2009. Our mission is to help companies perform better and create value by doing business in a sustainable way. Whatever industry you’re in, we understand the challenges and can provide strategic advice and hands-on practical support. We combine years of hard-won experience with sharp thinking to provide answers to all your sustainability and corporate responsibility challenges. Our expertise covers issues as diverse as labour standards in the supply chain, environmental management, carbon strategy, business ethics, human rights, community involvement and resource use.

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The Tramshed, Beehive Yard, Walcot Street , Bath , BA1 5BB United Kingdom

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Two Tomorrows is an international corporate sustainability agency. We deliver deep insight, strategic advice and pragmatic support to major companies, enabling them to create long-term value by doing business sustainably.

Whatever the industry, we understand the risks and opportunities (see industries). Our expertise covers sustainability issues as diverse as carbon emissions, water scarcity, biodiversity, community investment and human rights (see key issues).

Led by prominent figures in the field of corporate sustainability, our high-calibre team of consultants and partners combines many years of hard-won experience with unrivalled expertise.

We serve a global client base from offices in Europe, Asia and North America and through our network of partner firms worldwide.

Sustainability has come to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. So how do we at Two Tomorrows define it? It has been said that only a madman or an economist would predict unconstrained growth in a world with finite resources. The reality, of course, is that depleting resources and cumulative damage from pollution mean there is a limit to the world’s ability to sustain a growing population.

The oft-quoted definition of sustainability – living successfully in the present without compromising our ability to do so in the future – remains a distant dream while so many people live in poverty. The inequalities are growing. Billions of people still go without adequate food, clean water and basic healthcare, let alone ‘disposable income’. This poverty gap fuels resource conflicts and is, in all probability, a major contributor to international terrorism.

As the standard of living and extent of resource consumption grows in countries with very large populations such as China, India, Brazil and Russia, there is a danger that any efforts to reduce the social and environmental consequences of lifestyles enjoyed in more developed economies over the last 100 years will be rendered largely futile.

Many of those we work with at Two Tomorrows already understand these challenges.

Our contribution
Our contribution is to provide practical support to companies worldwide so they can play their part in creating a more sustainable future. We are not saying we have all the answers – no-one does. Rather, we are committed to helping our clients make better decisions so that their actions are more sustainable in the longer term. We support better decisions about the tomorrow we are creating.

Some of our clients are already leaders in the field and recognised as ethical champions for their work on sustainability issues. We are proud to work with them, and for them. The next big challenge for them is to scale up the techniques and technologies they have developed. By rapidly increasing the uptake of more sustainable processes, they will not only create significant business value, but also have a material and positive impact on all our futures.

Two Tomorrows is a specialist consultancy providing organisations with a range of corporate responsibility and sustainable business solutions. We work with multinational corporations, governments and NGOs.

Quality is at the heart of our business of helping clients create value and improve their sustainability performance. We do this primarily by delivering good value products, tailored and applied to provide lasting solutions. We are committed to continuous improvement in our services, people and processes.

Our quality management system (QMS) provides the framework that drives the achievement of our aims of value creation and improved performance. Our QMS includes the following elements which summarise our quality assurance principles:

  • Ensuring we have the right people with the right skills and aptitudes.
  • Working to clear governance principles.
  • Having systematic peer review and sign off on internal and external processes, e.g. policies, proposals, contracts.
  • Annually reviewing business risks.
  • Collecting and acting on feedback after each project. This is also vital to our marketing approach as we can demonstrate consistently high levels of client satisfaction.
  • Continuous client focus in the delivery of every project, e.g. having periodic client review meetings.
  • Promoting a culture of learning, innovation and knowledge sharing that recognises the value of team/collaborative inputs, and encourages continuous improvement.
  • Regular monitoring of key aspects of company performance using our balanced sustainability scorecard.
  • Maintaining document control with a ubiquitous IT solution. Details of this SVN system are contained in our server manual.

We are a values-driven company and thereby make a dedicated effort to live by our values by applying sustainability principles in our daily business management. This includes sourcing environmentally and socially responsible suppliers, offsetting work-related CO2 emissions and encouraging employees to volunteer and/or play active roles in their community. This approach supports an environment where sustainability and quality becomes a part of our culture.

Our quality policy is available here on our website and on our intranet. Our quality assurance principles, sustainability policy, and other related principles which guide and determine how we do business are also included in our staff handbook and business plan. All our staff and associates are required to read the policy and staff handbook as part of our induction process, and refer to both regularly.

Jon Woodhead, managing director of Two Tomorrows (Europe) Ltd, is ultimately responsible for quality, but all employees are encouraged to be responsible for the quality of the service (both internal and external) within their direct remit.