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  • Inspections Services

    Inspections Services

    At US Air Filtration, we understand the importance of regularly scheduled preventative maintenance programs.  An improperly operating dust collector can cause unscheduled plant down time, shortened filter life, and possible AQMD fines.  Regular maintenance and proper monitoring of your dust collector are key to a successful operation.

  • Change-outs/Baghouse Services

    Change-outs/Baghouse Services

    We offer a full line of maintenance services for your dust collector, baghouse or cartridge collector.We not only supply the replacement elements, we can remove and replace the existing elements under a scheduled or emergency shutdown. Our trained and certified crews are seasoned dust collector specialists that know and understand the importance of removing and replacing filter elements quickly, safely, and properly. Our crews travel throughout the...

  • Dust Collection Design Services

    Dust Collection Design Services

    For over 40 years, we have been designing and manufacturing stock and custom baghouses, cartridge collectors and bin vents for customers around the world. We build systems to your specifications that will optimize your plant’s production while minimizing maintenance costs and energy consumption. Our cost effective solutions are diverse and specific to each plant’s unique requirements. Examples of our work range from steel foundries, to...

  • Dust Collector Conversions Services

    Dust Collector Conversions Services

    We offer quality dust collector conversion solutions to convert your old shaker or other style collectors to efficient, pulse-jet technology. When we convert your old equipment, we leave the existing electrical, inlet piping and foundations intact. This results in significant cost savings over new installations which require a complete overhaul to these components. The addition of a new fan and changing to pulse jet cleaning technology can increase...