UHRIG Street and Underground Construction GmbH

UHRIG Street and Underground Construction GmbH

UHRIG Street Construction and Underground Engineering UHRIG Canal Engineering. UHRIG GmbH, with headquarters in Geisingen, Germany, has been among the most innovative construction companies in Germany since 1962, specialising in canal engineering, pipe technology and municipal sewage network management. Quick-lock Infinitly variable V4A-Liner. The universal system to reconstruct canalization pipes with robot technology.

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Am Roten Kreuz 2 , Geisingen , 78187 Germany
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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)
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The company UHRIG, with headquarters in Geisingen, was founded by Dipl.-Ing. engineer Helmut Uhrig in 1962. Since then it has counted among the innovative construction companies in Germany, specialising in canal engineering, pipe technology and municipal sewage network management. Numerous patents prove the innovative energy and creativity of the company. It is divided today into UHRIG Street Construction and Underground Engineering GmbH – with plant construction and network management – as well as in UHRIG Canal Engineering GmbH with the product divisions Quick-Lock and Therm-Liner.

Competence in Canals – in all their Facets

What characterises UHRIG today is much less its size than its great expertise regarding all areas of canalisation. Under its current managing director Dipl. Ing. (univ) Thomas Uhrig – from the second generation of the family-run company – UHRIG has specialised in heavy canalisation with new fields of tasks, especially in plant construction and in weir technology, since 1997.

In addition, with Quick-Lock and Therm-Liner, the company’s own product lines arose for canalisation and heat recovery from sewage.

About the Company’s History

From the practical work in underground engineering and in canalisation, new ideas have been continuously implemented for almost 50 years, which have marked canal construction in Germany today. From the underground engineering, procedures arose to prepare the ground in addition to devices and excavator attachments or vertical sheeting equipment, which are constructed and manufactured by the company’s own machine engineering department. Our own fluting techniques – for tight inner-city offices – inspired new open as well as closed pipe laying procedures. They, in turn, made corresponding machine attachments necessary, which are utilised under difficult spatial working condition in canal construction.

Turnkey Construction Methods

This wide-reaching competence – in all areas and facets of canalisation in the end – is what makes UHRIG a favoured partner due to its comprehensive business activities. Numerous reference projects in Germany and abroad attest to the company’s high efficiency and creative energy. The experience and the wide range of knowledge allow UHRIG to offer complete services dealing with all aspects of canal systems. From this grew the idea of a “turnkey construction method.” It contains the total service portfolio from underground engineering, encompasses engineering construction and plant construction, includes scouring valve and weir technology and ranges all the way to network management.

All Around Service Packet

Complete offers from one hand mean security in planning and execution, but also efficiency in construction and operation. Statics, engineering knowledge and 3D visualisation highlight, on the one hand, engineering and plant construction. On the other, they emphasise the complex field of work in which the highly qualified employees of UHRIG contribute their expertise from the different disciplines and trades of canal construction.

Products from Practical Experience

From many years of practical experience in many challenging rehabilitation projects, UHRIG has been producing and selling a successful product line for canalisation, from Geisingen and German sales offices in Dortmund and Oldenburg with the easy to install Quick-Lock stainless steel pressure sleeves. This procedure, proven in practice over 50,000 times, has matured into a highly efficient system with intelligent installation methods using robot technology. With Quick-Lock Big, it was consistently further developed for use in walk-through, round piping. At the same time, using its Therm-Liner system, UHRIG makes the warmth potential of sewage useful via heat exchangers to heat buildings. Thus new ideas constantly complement the wide range of services we offer all around canals.

Currently UHRIG employs 100 workers, engineers, master craftsmen and journeymen of different fields and trades, workers in sales and administration. As an educating company UHRIG promotes young employees in their professional qualifications. To its partners belong canalisation experts from all over Germany and Europe, to its clients local governments from the entire Federal Republic and its neighbouring countries.