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  • UK Soils - mySoil App

    UK Soils - mySoil App

    mySoil gives you access to a comprehensive European soil properties map within a single app. Discover what lies beneath your feet and help us to build a community dataset by submitting your own soil information.

  • iDee - Project Aims App

    iDee - Project Aims App

    The iDee project aims to directly involve people and communities in the River Dee catchment in environmental recording. Using the iDee website you can submit your own records of river conditions in the Dee catchment in the form of a geo-referenced photograph of the river together with simple assessments of water clarity, flow speed and algae cover.

  • UK Soils - Saltmarsh App

    UK Soils - Saltmarsh App

    Do you enjoy spending time outside and exploring the coast of England and Wales? Have you ever explored a salt marsh? Saltmarshes are grassland fields that fringe our coastline. They are washed by the tides and are criss-crossed by creeks. They are rich in wildlife and help protect our coastlines against storms and floods. Salt marshes are also a great place for a walk, a run and a range of other outdoor activities.

  • Soilscapes - Soil Reporting Tool App

    Soilscapes - Soil Reporting Tool App

    The Soilscapes App is an easy-to-use soil reporting tool which produces summary soils information for a specific location, based upon the “Soilscapes” soil thematic dataset.

  • UK Soils - Version SIFSS - Web Interface App

    UK Soils - Version SIFSS - Web Interface App

    The James Hutton Institute, and its predecessor organisations has been collecting data on Scotland’s soils since the 1940s and now has information on over 13,000 locations and over 40,000 individual samples. This information has been summarised into the Scottish Soils Knowledge and Information Base (SSKIB) which can be accessed through the SIFSS website.