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  • Testing Services

  • Air and Water Field Testing Services

    Air and Water Field Testing Services

    Air and water field testing, conducted on installed windows and curtain walls, is intended to help ensure the quality of installation, the performance of installed products, and verify compliance with architect and industry specifications. It also identifies the source of water damage and leakage problems in the field through forensic investigations.

  • Microbiological Testing Services

    Microbiological Testing Services

    UL's microbiological testing provides a vital quality check on consumer products. We help companies understand and measure the risk of contamination across a wide range of consumer goods, ranging from soaps to soups to supplements. Our customers choose to work with UL to help ensure that their products meet critical industry safety and reliability specifications and the demands of customers and regulatory bodies.

  • Air, Water and Structural Mock-up Testing Services

    Air, Water and Structural Mock-up Testing Services

    Architects, contractors, consultants and building owners require performance testing of exterior wall system mock-ups to evaluate air and water resistance and structural integrity. UL works closely with all our customers to assess design, workmanship and material selection prior to job site construction. By testing preconstruction mock-ups, we are able to help customers save costs and time by implementing any necessary changes to design,...

  • NEBS Testing Services

    NEBS Testing Services

    UL offers a comprehensive NEBS (Network Equipment-Building System) testing service, guiding our customers through both Telecommunications Carrier Group (TCG) and Telcordia requirements. UL's custom testing helps business verify that their telecommunications network devices can interact safely and reliably within specified environments, under both normal and demanding conditions. Backed by worldwide recognition of its safety science testing and...

  • Nonclinical Testing Service

    Nonclinical Testing Service

    UL's worldwide network and complete portfolio of nonclinical testing services simplifies the process of acceptance in all your key markets by meeting all your test, regulatory and certification needs for global sales and distribution.

  • CDPH Standard Method Services for VOC Emissions

    CDPH Standard Method Services for VOC Emissions

    The Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions From Indoor Sources Using Environmental Chambers, an expanded standard for what is commonly known as California Specification 01350, is one of the most widely used standards to evaluate building and interior products for low chemical emissions.

  • OTA Testing Services

    OTA Testing Services

    Over-the-air (OTA) tests are utilized to accurately predict real-world wireless device reliability, safety and performance capabilities. OTA testing of products that incorporate wireless technology is required by many standards organizations, carriers, vendors and regulatory bodies. Leverage UL's industry and regulatory expertise to reduce compliance complexity, remediate potentially costly design errors and meet demanding global go-to-market...

  • Performance Testing Services

    Performance Testing Services

    Competitive price points and quality materials aren't enough to succeed in the marketplace. Today's knowledgeable consumers demand products that perform as promised, right out of the box and throughout a product's expected life cycle. UL performance testing helps to ensure that our customers' products support their brand image and meet consumer expectations.

  • Analytical Testing Services

    Analytical Testing Services

    UL microbiologists and chemists have been at the forefront of safety science for decades. Our analytical testing services help manufacturers and retailers confirm that products-from food and drugs to chemicals, household goods and toys-perform according to specifications and meet international standards.

  • Chemical Emissions Testing Services

    Chemical Emissions Testing Services

    As a global leader in the science of safety, UL evaluates products and materials to determine their impact on indoor air quality and, by extension, human health. Whether your products need to meet the emissions requirements of environmental certifications or regulations or you simply wish to have a better understanding of your products' potential impact on the indoor air for legal or risk assessment purposes, UL is your partner for developing...

  • Claims Testing Services

    Claims Testing Services

    UL's laboratory testing services provide real-world substantiation of product performance attributes. Our claims testing services are designed to help retailers and manufacturers boost confidence in the marketing, quality, safety and performance claims of their consumer products.

  • EMC Automotive Testing

    EMC Automotive Testing

    Electrical automotive equipment must comply with both regulatory and automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. With a global network of dedicated A2LA-accredited electromagnetic capability (EMC) testing facilities, UL provides comprehensive, timely and accurate assessments of electronic automotive components to help manufacturers demonstrate compliance and unlock access to world markets.

  • Materials Testing

    Materials Testing

    Our decades of experience in testing for a broad range of industries have positioned UL as the leader in materials testing. Our technical experts assist our customers in identifying and remediating potential product vulnerabilities throughout the entire production process.

  • Wireless Regulatory Testing

    Wireless Regulatory Testing

    UL has over 20 years of experience in testing wireless products and technologies, and decades of proven expertise in managing world marketplace regulatory issues. We are uniquely positioned to successfully guide manufacturers through the complex process of complying with radio performance testing requirements.

  • Certification

  • ANSI A138.1 Green Squared Certification for Tiles and Installation Materials

    ANSI A138.1 Green Squared Certification for Tiles and Installation Materials

    The Green Squared Certification (ANSI A138.1) is the tile industry’s first multi-attribute sustainability certification for ceramic tile, glass tile and tile installation materials. A certification of the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), Green Squared is a powerful differentiator for manufacturers who pursue a course of environmental leadership. UL Environment is an official certifier for this program.