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  • Chemical Data Management And Regulatory Compliance Software

    Right-sized Software Solutions for Chemical Regulatory Compliance. Utilizing chemical data management and regulatory compliance software is now an integrated part of a successful business strategy, touching everything from procurement, R&D, EH&S, sales, marketing, to regulatory risk and compliance. Implementing the best-in-class tools for managing and leveraging a company’s chemical data — like WERCS Studio and WERCS eLite software — is crucial to achieve and mainta

  • Gathering and Organizing Data for SARA

    Gathering and Organizing Data for SARA

    WERCS Studio can assist in gathering and organizing data for Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) reporting requirements. Accurate inventory is one of the key elements to achieve the required reporting regulated by SARA. Other key elements include up-to-date chemical formulation information. WERCS Studio SARA module marries existing inventory management systems to chemical formulations within the software application.

  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Regulates Software

    Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Regulates Software

    The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) regulates the introduction of new or already existing chemicals. UL Wercs is uniquely positioned to fully understand the changes to TSCA under the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act (the LCSA), their significance, and their impact to industry on a global basis. UL marries the combination of a team of Regulatory Experts with diverse and...

  • VOC Emissions / HAPs Emissions Reporting Software

    VOC Emissions / HAPs Emissions Reporting Software

    WERCS Studio online reporting module enables manufacturers to streamline their hazard communication program by completely eliminating manual systems for VOC/HAPs reporting. The module automatically gathers VOC/HAPs data from SDS management software and cross-references it with order history—allowing your customers to enter the name of your product and get a complete VOC/HAPs emission analysis for annual reporting requirements. This...

  • Regulatory Assurance Software

    Regulatory Assurance Software

    UL’s Global Experts Offer Total Regulatory Assurance; Whether you are a small business that needs compliance knowledge to grow or a large corporation that needs surge capacity for the latest compliance deadline, UL Wercs Regulatory Assurance Program has the chemical regulatory and scientific expertise, experienced staff, and automated systems to efficiently provide the regulatory assistance you need.

  • Substance Volume Tracking Software

    Substance Volume Tracking Software

    Meet REACH and other global chemical compliance requirements based on quantity triggers and defined timelines. There are a growing number of chemical regulations requiring companies to track volumes of certain chemicals as they are shipped to various parts of the world. Companies must now identify their products that contain specific chemicals relevant to local legislation, track the shipment volume of these products across all production sites, then...

  • SDS Consulting Software

    SDS Consulting Software

    In addition to our software capabilities, our Regulatory Assurance program bridges the gap between your business needs and the growing challenges in materials compliance. Based on years of focused experience in environment, health and safety, we’re uniquely positioned to serve as an extension of your EH&S department.

  • Self-Service GHS Compliance Software

    Self-Service GHS Compliance Software

    Easy-to-manage SDS are the secret to ongoing compliance with complex global regulations—namely GHS. But for many small- to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors, it may not be practical to install highly specialized software or to establish in-house compliance experts. These companies require a quick, cost-effective solution. With our Do-It-Yourself SDS tool, authoring GHS SDS can begin and end today. Our online form is purpose-built to meet...

  • SDS Authoring Software

    SDS Authoring Software

    Our trusted authoring solutions ensure all data, time and energy is preserved for your next expansion.

  • SDS Management Software

    SDS Management Software

    Whether it is inbound SDS management, report creation and distribution, or workflow management, we offer the functionality to streamline the hazard communications management process.

  • SDS Distribution Software

    SDS Distribution Software

    Through integration with ERPs and a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, The WERCS SDS software enables organizations to seamlessly distribute key documents to ensure compliance.

  • SDS Translation Software

    SDS Translation Software

    Our software is used on almost every continent—and we go way beyond simple translation. Through our team of chemists, toxicologists and linguists, we ensure that you have the most accurate country-specific SDS. Our software includes more than 20,000 international phrases in more than 46 languages, so our multi-language graphical user interface puts the power in your hands. Plus, we know what it takes to exceed local requirements and advance...

  • Chemical Data Management Software

    Chemical Data Management Software

    Our management tools go beyond just SDS management—from inbound vendor SDS management and report creation to distribution or workflow management.

  • Hazard Labeling Software

    Hazard Labeling Software

    An integrated hazard label software system works with our SDS authoring engine to ensure that any updates to the SDS are reflected on all hazard labels.

  • Transportation Classification Software

    Transportation Classification Software

    Easily populate the transportation information required in section 14 of the SDS with our transportation classification tool. This feature suggests proper shipping names and UN numbers, prepares shipping descriptions, evaluates subsidiary risks and shows individual classifications for each component in a formulation. Functionality includes, classification, placarding, shipping papers and support for ground, air, road and rail.

  • Supply Chain Risk Management

    Minimize risk inherent in the supply chain with advanced software and secure online platforms. Suppliers, manufacturers and retailers face inherent supply chain risk when material compliance data is incorrect, outdated or incomplete. UL Wercs provides advanced software solutions, secure online platforms and extensive global regulatory advisory expertise to help reduce supply chain risk — all while safeguarding your brand.

  • UL Supply Chain Network Platform (ULSCN)

    UL Supply Chain Network Platform (ULSCN)

    A comprehensive solution to product questionnaire fatigue; Countless requests for product information, ranging from chemicals to finished goods, create an unreasonable demand on supplier resources and result in inaccurate or incomplete submissions to recipients, ultimately weakening the integrity and value of supply chain data. The current situation can result in the investment in countless man hours providing the same data in different formats, loss...

  • WERCSmart - Platform Software

    WERCSmart - Platform Software

    WERCSmart Platform Helps Manufacturers and Retailers Send, Receive, Organize and Analyze Product Information. Retailers and other participants in the WERCSmart platform, who sell, transport, store or dispose of your product face challenges in complying with increasingly complex federal, state and local regulations. The data contained in the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) supplied with the products frequently do not contain sufficient information for...

  • Conflict Minerals Platform Software

    Conflict Minerals Platform Software

    The WERCSmart Platform Enables Manufacturers and Retailers to Collect, Interpret and Manage Data Up and Down the Supply Chain. Conflict minerals carry a hidden humanitarian cost that affects a wide range of products, from toothpaste to technology. As regulatory changes and increased public scrutiny seek to eradicate the use of conflict minerals, manufacturers are facing complex challenges related to identifying, mitigating and reporting on areas of...

  • UL REACHAcross™ - REACH Assistance - Ground-breaking Digital Tool

    UL REACHAcross™ - REACH Assistance - Ground-breaking Digital Tool

    Meet the REACH 2018 registration deadline with smart, automated, and cost-effective read-across. With the final European REACH deadline quickly approaching in May 2018, companies are urgently gathering critical toxicity information about their products. But with only about 3% of the 83,000 chemicals used in U.S. commerce having been studied by regulatory bodies to assess human health impacts, finding the needed information can be expensive and time...

  • GoodGuide - Rating System

    GoodGuide - Rating System

    GoodGuide is a product rating system designed to provide consumers with the information they need to make better shopping decisions. More than 1 million consumers use GoodGuide’s website and mobile apps every month to help decode product labels, research ingredients, and make more informed decisions about the products they purchase.

  • Hazard Communication Software

    Not all hazard communication software systems are equal. When selecting compliance software, manufacturers should screen providers to ensure they have a track record of success. Software should be global, configurable to business-specific needs and flexible enough to grow and adapt. Implementing software and protocol that complies with, for example, the latest GHS regulations, can help tackle the challenges of hazard communication, but can also maximize supply chain efficiency. Hazard commun

  • UL WERCS Studio - Flagship Hazard Communication and Data Management Software

    UL WERCS Studio - Flagship Hazard Communication and Data Management Software

    UL Wercs’ flagship hazard communication and data management software is comprised of 30+ scalable modules that provide the most flexible automated compliance solutions available. Whether it is an onsite or hosted solution, the platform is built around a central substance database that offers flexibility to build and grow with your company’s needs.

  • UL WERCS eLITE - MSDS/SDS Authoring, Management and Distribution Software

    UL WERCS eLITE - MSDS/SDS Authoring, Management and Distribution Software

    Small to mid-size organizations challenged by GHS and other region-specific regulations, can now further advance legislative compliance. eLITE enables an organization to seamlessly create and distribute SDS documents using a secure, web-based platform. Furthermore, WERCS eLITE offers a powerful solution that is right-sized for a smaller company’s needs and budget.

  • UL WERCS Link - Sustainable Supply Chain Data Management and SDS Authoring Software

    UL WERCS Link - Sustainable Supply Chain Data Management and SDS Authoring Software

    As regulatory demands change, so does your regulatory department. UL WERCS Link (formerly UL Secure Connect) is a simple, yet revolutionary application that can change how your regulatory department responds to meeting chemical compliance. It’s your private hazard communication database that securely connects requests to the professional services of WERCSmart®. Both the data and documents are returned into your database for you to manage,...

  • ULGHS - Self-Service SDS Authoring Software

    ULGHS - Self-Service SDS Authoring Software

    ULGHS.com is a first of its kind, self-service SDS (Safety Data Sheet), automated GHS-compliant SDS authoring solution aptly suited for the small to mid-size company that produce chemical-containing products.