Ulbrich supplies tin coated copper wire used in the manufacturing of solar panels. The interconnect and bus ribbons from Ulbrich Precision Flat Wire have these attributes.Solder coating on all four sides, Rolled from round wire. This means burrs are nonexistent in our ribbon and bus wire, The plating is done after the ribbon is rolled, We offer a broad range of solders that include lead free if required. All orders are custom made to meet your specifications. Ulbrich interconnect ribbon is used to connect solar cells to other solar cells that in turn make up a solar module. The interconnect ribbons harness this energy throughout the entire solar module. This process makes for more efficient and powerful solar modules. Ulbrich bus ribbon carries the current through the solar module where the energy is converted. Upon conversion, the solar module is sealed and ready to provide clean energy to the user.

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Industriestraße 1 , Müllendorf , 7052 Austria

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Energy - Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

Ulbrich Solar Technologies is a world leader in PV Ribbon products that interconnect and transmit current for crystalline solar cells and thin film.  For decades, we have supplied the Solar Industry with our tinned flat copper wire, continually identifying emerging PV Ribbon technologies and engineering innovative solutions to increase the electrical output and performance of solar modules.

We strategically place our manufacturing facilities around the globe to supply highly engineered and custom PV Ribbon products where and when you need them.  We communicate in more than 25 languages and dialects, and we accept multiple currencies for the convenience of our international customers.

Our Corporate Headquarters and first manufacturing facility opened in 1992 in Westminster, South Carolina and continues to manufacture PV Ribbon for the Americas.  In 2007, our state of the art Austrian facility was opened and another opened in Hong Kong in 2008.   Our Oregon facility opened in 2012.